Ok...the short and tall is tha the gaze is potent. The rest are virtually trimmings by comparison. Even death attack. To measure up to that, the beast basically needs some form of debuffing smite from the get go. Dazed or Slow should help and it needs to be reasonably numerous, perhaps measured per encounter [think about it this was, 3 rounds of Daze Gaze is about 12-16 saves against something that stops you fighting, period.

Everything that follows is just reinforcement:

level 1, the maiden gets a lot of charcoal. Will save, "you don't get to play" are potent and she gains Death Attack?

Ok, fair enough, Death Attack isn't all that powerful decause of it's wind-up but the gaze is potent.

The Beast gets...some temporary Hp and not much DR...only thing being noticably slowed by that DR at that level are two-weapon build fighters and some monks. I'm going to suggest, against my better judgement, that the rage should hand over the use of a Tiger Claw manoeuvre. Either that or a Strength boost like a normal rage...

overall, the maiden wins this solidly on "wanna play" value.

level 6: hmmm...the beast gets something here at least compared to the maiden, who can now inflict the dreaded Stunned condition. And modify your memory in a specific way. Give the beast a 1d4 recharge abd you're set here; stunning trumps damage potential every time as most sunned things don't get a chance to recover.

Level 8: Paralysis and doom stabbing vs regeneration 5 and a smite attack...

Regeneration of 10, maybe even 20 is solidly in the something category, thoug Fast Healing is harder to argue with. You could take the middle ground and give fast healing that stops functioning for a round if you're damaged by specific attacks.

The smite is...daily. And weak for it. stunnig or poison for free. That's what you need, and some more uses. Again, maiden is winning this one on he wirth having stakes [considering that the gaze is less powerful than spells of this level, it seems reasonable to work up to it rather than down].

Level 10: I'm still not convinced that this is powerful enough to compare to an 8th level spell, let alone a ninth. As a one/day capstone? Dude, you argued me down that a 10/10 casting class wasn't excessive and you're going to listen to folks who say that a 20% screw you to casters is too much for a level 17 capstone to be used every encounter? That's just confusing...

Bam, there we go. I've been cooped up due to snow so it might not be as temperant as I once was, sorry about that.

As for my projects, I work mostly in an alien and forbidding realm called Mecha Victoriana and only really convert back for other people's amusement and I'm not going to ask you to learn another version of d20 to help me poke at my work