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As far as I can tell, alignment is permissible but 'morally justified' is not. I don't know what the difference is. It's imperative I find out. Otherwise I could inadvertently be the cause of threadlock and infractions et al. I have no desire to do so.
This might come across as spiliting hairs but in my opinion:

Alignment is separate from morals. It is a classification based on DnD rules. For example, a tenant of DnD "good" behavior is that the ends do not justify the means (at least according to the Book of Exalted Deeds). This is separate from morality because alignment is a construct to artificially classify fictional characters and not designed to actually judge human behavior. Whether or not something is "good" or "evil" in the DnD game system does not make it "good" or "evil" in actual life.

Claiming that something is "morally justified" is asserting an argument in human morality of which there is no common consensus. This is different from an alignment argument which is based on a fictional game system with defined rules.