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Good thing you posted this, too, because I had no idea that this was disallowed. Seems pretty clear cut, though. I think the reason it was called "thinly veiled" was because it started off by "reminding" the person of "Tarquin's Atrocities" rather than straight out saying that they wanted to talk about Tarquin's alignment.
I don't see that at all. "Is Tarquin morally justified?" sounds like it should be a discussion of his grayer actions (namely, keeping the continent in a state of controlled anarchy). That thread opens with his atrocities, the sorts of things that nobody in their right mind would consider morally justified (eg all the raping and torturing of his numerous "wives" or the 200-foot tall flaming letters). The OP's just saying he can't understand the popularity of a character who does something like that. It's got nothing to do with his justifications and everything to do with the actions he doesn't bother justifying.