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Thread: "Morally justified" threads

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    Sheriff of Moddingham: A while back the OotS subforum suffered a rash of "Is X morally justified?" threads. Soon, there was such a thread about everything you can imagine, parodies of such threads, and a thread about whether starting such a thread is morally justified (the inevitable meta-humor thread). These were promptly locked as somewhat spammy and threatening to overwhelm the subforum.

    These were locked to prevent the forum from being overrun by endless morality disputes and parodies thereof. Like the more recent round, no one is receiving Infractions (or even Warnings) over these. It's more a matter of good forum administration than rule enforcement. We haven't added any rules, but then again, we're not willing to have a bunch of morally justified threads taking up the whole OotS subforum again.

    As one of those threads notes:
    "At this time, we have a moratorium on threads whose sole discussion point is whether a certain character was "morally justified" in taking a certain action in the comic."

    No one's going to get Warnings or Infractions over it unless they seem to be purposefully trolling or something. Just avoid starting threads on that because they're likely to be locked, as are threads that become about it.
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