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Chapter 3 - Part 2

Pete question is answered when they arrive. The Pioneering area consists of a large field, almost as big as a football field. At the end closest to the road sits a small pavilion. At the other end sits several wooden structures, including a climbing wall and a tower.

"Huh. That's actually kinda awesome."

The pair join the group waiting for the session to begin. They find the girl from the night before is already here. She waves them over to her.

"Hey guys. Ready to get this stuff going?"

John nods. "Yep. This'll be the first time I've Shifted."

She tilts her head a little. "Really? Huh. I've Shifted a few times already." She shrugs. "Oh, my name's Tracy, by the way." She holds out a hand to shake.

John takes it. "I'm John, and that's Pete." John gets cut off by the sound of their instructor clearing her throat.

She's a middle aged woman, no more that 40 by her looks. She has shoulder length blond hair and deep gray eyes. She wears a pale blue sweater and khaki colored pants. John found the sweater odd, because it had to be at least 80 degrees out.

"Welcome to your first lesson in Shifting." The woman places her hands behind her back and begins to pace a little as she talks. "My name is Lynda Randler, but you can just call me Lynda. Now, Shifting is an ancient technique first discovered by our ancestors hundreds of years ago, back when-"

"You know, she's on the council, too," Tracy whispers to John. "My dad and her talk with each other all the time."

"What's she in charge of? Or, your dad, for that matter."

"My dad works in the Concealment Department. Helps cover up accidents and stuff. She's in R&D."

"-some of you have probably Shifted by now, but, for the sake of those who haven't, let's assume this is all your first time." Lynda walks over to a more open area of the field as all of the kids watch her.

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