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    Default Re: The Projector [Base class 3.5e, crunch only] (PEACH)

    I like this a lot. It strikes me as a flavorful psychic warrior/monk type character. Several mechanical issues:

    - Max power level is missing from the table.
    - No improved unarmed strike at first level, and no mention of unarmed strike damage as a class feature.
    - No armor proficiency or stat-to-AC bonus. All this class gets in terms of AC bonuses is a scaling deflection bonus, which ends up one point higher than what you can't get with a ring or power. In the mean time, especially at early levels, characters looking for a semi-respectable AC are going to be totally MAD (Str for attacks, Wis for powers, Dex for AC ...). You need to add either armor or Wis-to-AC. (I suggest armor, Wis is overdone.)

    Other touches:

    - Martial weapon proficiency might also be nice, so that you can use those sweet psychic warrior powers that allow you to fuse your arm with a weapon at distance. It'll pump your damage at low levels very slightly, and have a largely negligible impact later on, but be so incredibly cool.

    So yeah, pump the low levels a bit with proficiencies, fix the mechanics and I think you're set.

    Edit: Just saw the d6 hit die. That might be a little low, especially considering hit dice have the most impact at low levels, and low levels are already the weakest portion.
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