Thanks for the comments, guys.

-Max power level is the same as a psychic warrior's progression. I'll toss that in when I get the chance.

-IUS added. How would I put in unarmed strike damage as a class feature? I'm not sure how to phrase the ability.

-On the issue of MWP, this character struck me as more psionically-oriented than combat-oriented, so I tried to keep his combat abilities to simpler weaponry and fists. I may make a variant with full BAB, MWP, and extremely reduced psionic power.

-I've given the class light armor proficiency. As mentioned above, since it's a ranged class that's more focused on psionics, I feel like anything more would be overkill. Force Attunement can certainly be made Always On. Less bookkeeping that way, too.

-The d6 hit die is because it's a ranged class whose main mode of attack is utterly immune to damage. It is a bit weak for low levels, though. I'm not sure what to do there.

-Projected Blow damage is +str, though to help alleviate MAD a bit I'm considering making it +wis. Thoughts?

-Force Manipulation is a psi-like ability.

-The level seven "Protective Grip" ability is meant to substitute for flying. I'll probably replace it with flat-palm flight for simplicity's sake, though.

-I phrased it "as if he possessed the Two-Weapon Fighting feat for the purposes of Fist of Force," so it's already pretty close to qualifying, it just needs a little rewording to remove ambiguity.