Unarmed Strike: Copypasta from one of the countless monk revisions on this board.

Martial Weapons: I still say add them. It's an insignificant boost after a couple of levels, and if you have all those cool psychic warrior powers that let you do fun things with weapons, why not let people do them with axes and swords instead of just daggers and maces?

Armor Proficiency: Yes, but most ranged classes specialize in dexterity, giving them a higher AC. With just light armor, you're still going to end up pretty MAD between Str, Wis and Dex. Keep in mind that your powers are from the Psychic Warrior list - even if you're focused on psionics, you're focused on hitting people in the face with psionics and augmenting your body to ridiculous levels.

HP: Pump it to d8? It becomes increasingly insignificant at higher levels, but it'll help for now.

Projected Blow: Just making damage +wis is insignificant if you don't also change to-hit. Either you need to remove the need for strength or the need for dexterity.