Update 47

[Quest for the Arkenshirt] *quest completion music*

After the party worked together to create Mel, a dollamancer doll, Cessie gave him the ArkenShirt. The party was rewarded with gems and scrolls, and they returned to the Nexus.

It remains to be seen whether anyone will seek out the ArkenBoots.

[Charity Evans] - "Hot as he--- Gah! You did NOT hear me say that!"

Took a job teaching art at PACK in hopes of getting her art back. How she's going to teach when she can't put pencil to paper is a mystery. She's also drinking on the job, hiding her vodka in a sports bottle. Her first class hasn't started yet, and so far she's roped Jamie, Garret, and Adele into setting up the classroom.

[Darcy] - "DAY-um! I thought only shapeshifters could bend like that."

Darcy and Zanny completed their adventure in Ashwood Citadel by tossing John's head in the portal, and then leaping through themselves, with the idol. They got Nancy back to GLoG where Quinn is treating her.

Later they went to the mall for shopping, where Zanny refused to buy a Mankini. Good choice. Ran into Haruki and Ilpholin, and ogled their calendar. Hawt! But the teasing of Ilphy went too far, and Darcy had to run after her to try and help. She convinced Ilphy that she didn't have to put the sexy calendars on sale to the public, and Haruki agreed to destroy all but a few personal copies.

[Decker the Younger] - "Best! Present! EVAH!"

Decker ran into Kal at the Nexus Battle Royale, where he told her about murdering Narahar, and gave her a present of a skull chalice and bone necklace. And to make it even better, he promised she could help him track the cultists back to their temple! For more murderings!

[Decker the Catgirl] - You've Got a Friend in Me

Future Decker, who became mortal a year ago so she could die and be with Butler, was permitted to return to life for Thanksmas. During a somewhat bittersweet reunion with DC, she apologized for leaving, and said that when Butler had returned to life to balance the see-saw, she hadn't been permitted to come with him because it was suspected (probably rightfully >.>) that she would tip it back too far the other way.

But she convinced Them that though she wasn't all that good at being good, and couldn't spread happiness to everyone the way Butler does, her return would make one person happy: Her best friend, DC.

DC and Decker are now celebrating her return to life with an epic snowball fight. Both are cheating.

[Elias Larmette]

Still trying to rescue Hekta.


Heartbroken after having to tell Reinholdt about Coralie and worried more about him now.

[Happy Amakirr] - What a Wonderful World

Still on Gersemi's Isle, where Nil, returned to life, came to see her. Needless to say, she was overjoyed.

[Lauretta] - "Look what I just learned!"

Has started learning to communicate with invertebrates, and is, in general, a very happy cultist, despite her soul being the plaything of a Demon Lord. Currently at the Nexus Battle Royale, where she's agreed to a match with an elderly woman.

I suspect she's about to get her ass handed to her.

[Mainframe] This is not optimal behaviour.

Fretting over the safety of Wenomir and KR during the Slowest. Vandalism. EVER. Still. Trying to convince them to accept a telewarp home.

[Marisha] - "Diggy!"

The ten month old catbaby, daughter of Vasilisa and Adam, has been crawling around the Thanksmas thread where Pringle took a liking to her. When he picked her up and she poked at his violet ring, an emotional bond was formed between the two of them. Of course, Marisha doesn't understand those weird grown-up emotions, so mostly doesn't pay attention to them, while Pringle keeps finding himself attracted to shiny things.

[Moff] - "Adulterate? With him? Oh puh-leeze, don't you think I can do better?"

Helping Butler and Victor recover a special flower from the Weald. Also making trouble at the Nexus Battle Royale.

[Molly Fitzhenry] - "You're going to Snow Jail now!"

Played cops and snowmen with Vincent. Fun! Asked Sock Clause for soft, brushable hair like a real girl, and for it to be black like ebony, from her favorite fairy tale.

[Roxie] - "You mean there are some problems that can't be solved by having a pet dinosaur?"

After Char sent eyeballs to Vincent, Roxie went into Mama Bear mode and went to PACK to demand that Char be expelled. Despite having never gotten along with Vincent before. But it's kind of hard not to feel protective of a twelve year old boy who is crying in terror.

The Admiral agreed to expel Char, but vetoed Roxie's request to send a pet monster to school to guard Vincent. Plan B was to buy Vincent a phone. Caroline too.

[Tia] I Was Born to Love You

Tia the Inamorata Succubus returns to the Inside, where she runs into a vampire named Gabriel. He proves susceptible to her seduction aura, which makes her susceptible to him in turn. They are behind the curtain less than an hour after meeting, each of them feeding (non-fatally) on the other. Tia is now utterly devoted to Gabriel, and anxious to do anything she can to help him achieve his goals.

When she's not with one of her other lovers, that is. >.>


Vasilisa returned to the Nexus with her children, a two year old human son named Dima and a ten month old catgirl daughter named Marisha. She had to break the news to Reinholdt that Coralie had been murdered. Reinholdt smiled disturbingly and left, though Vasi made him promise to return. She mistakenly thought he was leaving to hurt himself, but he actually was going on a vampire hunt.


Xifra awoke from her confusing dream to find intruders ransacking Jack's apartment, though unable to see her. She called for SBX, and the robot arrived only to be shot. In fury, she yelled at the intruders, allowing them to see her, then drew a ward to block the elevator entrance.

Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

Character list:
Charity Evans
Dag Ingasson
Darcy Turtle Brightember
Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
Decker the Catgirl
Elias Larmette
Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
George Shackleton
Hannah Snow
The Moff
Molly Fitzhenry
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