Nite of Salvation
part two

Consider Garrett, an empath who has been emotionally bombarded with the panic and worry of two distressed women, one of them being the really cute girl that he has a crush on. Consider that he has significant summoning power and every motivation to use it.

Consider that he's only fifteen years old.

He summoned an air elemental named Sinosure, and sent him to "rescue" Nite from Mortal Coil's custody.


Consider Mercury, the vain mage who set all of this into motion. When he saw his blockades fail, he set off the self-destruct glyphs that he had enchanted into all of the golems. Including Nite.

The bloodshed was horrifying. The non-lethal sticky goo used by Mortal Coil had not yet dissolved, so everyone was held in place to take the full force of the blast. Fortunately for the wounded, a team of vigilante medics arrived, and began to treat people.


Nite managed to suppress the glyph within him, though it hurt him badly to do so. But by this time, he was far from the cameras. Charity and Adele watched in horror as the golems exploded on live television, neither of them having any way of knowing what had become of Nite. An explosion that size inside an Armoured Personnel Carrier would have killed everyone within.

Meanwhile, Sinosure arrived at the APC, and in order to put the vehicle to a stop, pulled the emergency brake, leading to a rear wheel skid, and the vehicle flipping over. Nite escaped, his vampire friends teleporting him away to safety, but not before he told a private investigator that Mercury was the man responsible for the blockade.


Back at PACK, Charity got a phone call to tell her that Edijar was badly injured but alive. She rushed to the clinic, where she had to wait through hours of surgery and suspense, with her sister arriving to provide support. It was there that Sinosure found her, intent on delivering a message and apologizing.

Charity, hungover, emotionally shattered, and barely conscious, was far too exhausted to have a rational conversation. She told the elemental to return to Garrett, and sank into a deep sleep.

When the creature still wouldn't leave, her protective sister Sunny attacked it with a vacuum cleaner, making the elemental angry enough to destroy things and scream insults at the increasingly terrified young woman.

That was when Edijar regained consciousness, long enough to get out of bed and confront the elemental and order it away from the Evans girls, accusing Sinosure of causing the crash and informing him that he had intended to release Nite anyway, once the situation was diffused.

Sinosure freaked out, realizing exactly how badly he'd screwed up, but still refused to leave, insisting on staying until someone would respond to his apology. But no one could. Edijar had collapsed again, having reopened his wounds by getting out of bed too soon. Charity was unconscious. And Sunny was deep in the throes of a panic attack and afraid that she was about to lose her brother in law.

At this point, the alarms had summoned more Mortal Coil members, including a Battle Mage who dismissed the elemental. Edijar was returned to surgery, and Sunny was comforted by a friend - another soldier who promised to protect her and to make sure no elementals could enter.


Meanwhile, Garrett was psychically trying to search for news, and his mind was entrapped by Adele's tutor, a powerful arch-magi named Gulaghar. He searched the boy's memories, threatened him not to hurt Adele, and told him to deliver the message that Adele's father was fine, leaving out the small detail that Nite's legs had been destroyed by rust and that he would never walk again.

Garrett was rather distracted by Ghar's suggestion that Adele liked him, especially after an emotionally exhausting day, and ended up in an awkward kiss with Adele before he remembered to deliver the message. But young love is nothing, if not forgiving.


Elsewhere, those who were hunting Mercury found no sign of him at his nightclub, but when his home was searched, the body of the mage was discovered by his friend and rival Maxios, bloody and beaten, with open jugulars. Maxios suspected Nite, who had every motive, but who was far away and badly injured at the time of the murder. And certainly after all the harm he caused, there remain plenty of people who want him dead. Others fear that the mage found a way to fake his own death, and that soon he will return to reclaim the nightclub that was the reason for so much destruction.

The mystery remains unsolved... for now.