The tale of Eric the Red
or the tale of the biggest jackass I ever played
10/12/763 AKW
Dear diary,
Today I was hired as a pirate for a king! Sandstorm is mean though. He keeps grunting at me and mocking magic. Lubbi is a nice little goblin but that elf keeps wanting to fight everything. Stevenson the paladin makes fun of me and my past. When we fought the army of wights who saved the wagon? Me. Who cast the fireball? Me. Stevie got it handed to him when the wights killed his horse. He wanted to stay and bury him after a scout ran off! he'll regret that tomorrow when he's a wight.

10/13/763 AKW
Dear Diary,
The farmers got sick. It isn't any of my books and registers as evil. A lizard folk tribe attacked us today right after we sent the farmers home. Kentucky fried lizard folk:)

10/14/763 AKW
Dear diary,
Everyone but me and the paladin got sick with the evil illness. Sandstorm is nowhere to be found. We found the lair of a lich but all the paladin did was yell at me. this will probably be the last time I right in yell as the paladin wants to kill me to much. I'll see you when I'm done.
-Love Eric the Red, Mystic Theurge