Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 61

Reimu: Alright, let's advance towards Eientei!

Marisa: Do ya remember the way?

I've been there before. Besides, we'll be fine if we just keep moving forward, probably.

These haphazard ways of yours are really somethin', that's for sure.

...And to no one's surprise, Reimu's group ended up far from their intended target of Eientei, but instead, at a lone house with a thatched roof.

Huh, that's weird.

The path was kinda strange...Like somebody was playin' tricks with our vision.

Mokou: That Kaguya, this is what she...Fine, come on! Bring it! I'll blow you all away, and she'll be next! Grrrrr!


Mokou: Ah, is that you, Keine? What, did you come here to take me out?

Keine: Of course not. But if you're with them right now, then we'll have to face each other in battle.

They're the ones who selfishly got me involved! Well, I'm bored anyway, so I'll repel all you invaders, then give that Kaguya a good beating!

Good grief, you two are at it again?

They're using everything they've got. I can't just let them do as they please. I've got a lot of frustration stored up, so if you don't want to die...

...It's probably not my place to say at this point, but you should take things a little easier. Especially if you wish to live with humans.

Another lecture? Yeah yeah, I've heard it all before already. Let's cut the chatter and get to business. I won't get bored if you're my opponent.

Goodness...She's so much trouble.


Cue awesome battle music.

BGM: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

Mokou has one of the best abilities in the game: Resurrection. It triggers whenever she would normally be KO'd, and automatically restores her back up to full HP. In any given battle, it will always go off the first time she gets defeated, but it can still seem to trigger once in a while on subsequent deaths. I've seen it go off three times in a single fight once.

Aside from Resurrection, Mokou's still got good melee stats, and can hit pretty hard when she's got plenty of HP left. Thanks to Resurrection, she'll have high HP more than once too.

On higher difficulties, you may not have the resources to defeat Mokou several times over. In those cases, it might be better to bring Mokou and her mooks all down to low HP, then let them waste their battle counter. That beats defeating Mokou only to let her regain a couple thousand HP and start one-shotting your characters.


Mokou: Owowow...Okay already, I give. I lose.

Reimu: What? You're giving up rather fast.

I'm sure you all have guessed by now...But Kaguya's the one sending you all to me. I don't have any obligations to keep working with her like this.

We weren't entirely certain actually, but that makes things a lot clearer and quicker. Right then...That'll finish this up.

...Hey, you're going after Kaguya next, right?

That appears to be the order. We do have to beat her if we want this whole thing to end.

Then you can bring me along, right?

Hearing someone actually volunteering to join is a new one for me.

So it's fine? I want to give her a real surprise!

Hm, I suppose having motivated people along would be a good thing. I'll have to take you as a prisoner first though. Those are the rules.

Ehh, seriously? Well, whatever the case, make sure to bring me along!

Mokou surrendered and offered herself as a prisoner in order to take revenge on her eternal enemy, Kaguya. With that, the Hidden House became the territory of the Hakurei army.

Fujiwara no Mokou was taken prisoner.


Eirin: Princess, she has been defeated.

Kaguya: My, even Mokou didn't succeed? She's more useless than I thought.

This place is all that remains.

I suppose there's nothing else that can be done. Do your best, Eirin.

My, you certainly are tough with your servants.

Would a master who advances ahead of her servants even exist?

I suppose not. Well, I would suggest not to put too much hope in me.

Just make sure to fight your hardest.


Mokou: Hey, I'm tired of waiting!

Reimu: You're awfully persistent. What are you so hung up about?

You were going to beat that Kaguya up, weren't you? And you said I could come along too, right!?

Ah, I did say something like that, didn't I? You do know that if you join, you can't just decide to leave after we finish Kaguya off, right?

As long as I can hear her cry for mercy, I don't care about anything else. C'mon, let's go already!

You seem to be the most informed about her, so I'll be relying on you.

Oh right, before I forget, Kaguya and I usually ignore everything around us when we start up, so you all should be careful not to get caught up in it.

Just how violent do you two get?

Hm, the typical fight usually burns up part of the bamboo forest.

...Forget it then, you just stay here. We'll handle it.

Don't joke around, let's just go already! C'mon!

...I've got a bad feeling about this.

Fujiwara no Mokou became an ally.


Eientei makes one more attack on the Lost Bamboo Forest, but they were easily repelled. At least Tewi showed up this time, with no Reisen left to hide behind.

One nice thing about holding the Hidden House is that it can't be counterattacked by Eientei once captured.


Turn: 61
Ouki: 14409
Ryumaku: 93/123
Actions Available: 3

Our Territories:

Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 27 RES

Night-Blind Road
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Faintly Dark Path
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Entrance
Defense: 180/180
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Border
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Interior
Defense: 210/210
cost to Develop: 9 RES

Road of Reconsideration
Defense: 190/190
Cost to Develop: 30 RES

Defense: 215/215
Cost to Develop: 6 RES

Human Village
Defense: 150/310
Cost to Develop: 30 RES

Garden of the Sun
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 27 RES

Nameless Hill
Defense: 205/205
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Misty Lake
Defense: 225/225
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

SDM Gate
Defense: 230/230
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

Great Library
Defense: 195/195
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

Clock Tower
Defense: 210/210
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

SDM Top Floor
Defense: 225/225
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Lost Bamboo Forest
Defense: 205/205
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Hidden House
Defense: 195/195
Cost to Develop: 6 RES

Enemy Territories:

Army: Eientei Forest
General: Kaguya Houraisan (leader)
Defense: 230/230

Blossoms Barrier
Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
General: Prismriver Sisters
Defense: 220/220

Hakugyokurou Stairs
Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
General: Youmu Konpaku
Defense: 200/200

Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
General: Yuyuko Saigyouji (leader)
Defense: 235/235

Yakumo Residence
Army: Yakumo Clan
General: Yukari Yakumo (leader)
Defense: 310/310

Special Events:

War Declaration: Yakumo Clan
Costs 10 NEG to declare war.

Of course I was going to recruit Mokou. Like my audience would let me live if I were to leave her behind...But in all honesty, she's a great unit, so I'm always happy to recruit her.