Chapter 3 - Part 3

"Now, I want all of you to watch me carefully as I shift." Lynda closes her eyes for a moment, and then her body starts to grow. Her height is what's immediately noticeable. Her neck lengthens, as well as her back. Her face gets longer, and a tail starts to form. Oddly enough, her clothes seem to meld into her as she becomes covered in pale scales, almost the same color as her sweater. From where her shoulders would have been, a pair of wings sprout and grow.

In about fifteen seconds, where Lynda once stood, there is now a dragon. from head to tail, it's about twenty feet long. It's a pale, slightly bluish color. Scales around the joints have formed into spikes. These, combined with the color, give it the look of being covered in a layer of frost. It's eyes are a dark gray color, and it has five horns crowning its head.

Most of the kids stare in amazement, "ooo"-ing and "aahhh"-ing.

John joins them. "Wow. Actually haven't seen anybody in dragon form this close before."

Tracy snorts a little. "Really? Never?" John shakes his head. "Wow. That's kinda sad, really."

"So, she's an Ice Dragon, right?" Pete looks at the other two. Tracy nods. Pete lets out a low whistle. "Damn...They're kinda mean looking."

"Alright kids, settle down." Lynda's voice is hidden beneath the rumble of her dragon form. Though, it's still evident enough to tell it's her. "Now, as many of you have probably guessed, I am an Ice Dragon. Which means, those of you who are also Ice Dragons, will look similar to me."

"Now, I want you all to separate into groups of three," Lynda starts walking towards the kids, shifting back into her human form as she does. "I will give you further instructions from there."

John, Pete, and Tracy all eye each other, smirk, and go find an area away from the others.