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    There were four of them within the glow of Brandon's light and Nathros' torch, but more could be lurking down the hallway-like room.

    Brandon strides in bravely, dealing a knock-down blow to the nearest kobold. Sid fires an arrow into the dim room, but his shot goes over the head of the kobold in front of him.

    Nathros pushes his way into the room but his strike misses as well. The kobold attacks back with a small dagger and while he lands a blow, it's slight.

    The other two kobolds rush at Brandon, but their daggers are easily deflected by his armor.


    Nathros -1 hp

    Petrilla has been unable to study her spells or prepare for the last couple days. She is chained to a rock. Around her are some fist-sized rocks. Her belongings are in a pile across the room. (Sorry!) Petrilla does know that there is a fifth kobold, the leader, brooding down the hall opposite our heroes' entrance.

    Foes win Initiative for Round 2: 1d6=4, 1d6=5

    The two kobolds nearest Brandon snarl and swing their daggers furiously but with little skill. Neither lands a blow even on his armor.

    The little beast nearest Nathros seems surprised to have landed a blow on the dwarf and his follow up attack comes up short.
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