Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

With Nathros past him, Sid stayed in the tunnel, where he shot at one of the kobolds again. He growled, when Nathros was hit and gave Petrilla a determined, "We'll get you out of here," sort of look, when he saw her head rise. Sweating, he called to the others, "We can't leave her here!" Eyes bugging at the fact that shields aren't up, he panted, "But don't go doing anything stupid!"

HP: 4 AC: 6 Spells in effect: Nope. Thac0: 19

Attack ---> (1d20+2)[20] Damage ---> (1d6)[4] If the torchlight reveals that the room looks large enough for mayhaps a bit of maneuvering, he'd head inside while backing away from kobolds.