Behold! The possibility of a story!

Daedrous stepped down from the large, odd-shaped rock overlooking the battlefield as if he got off a horse. The armies had yet to finish this battle, but what was the point of this non-stop fight? What was to gain in this mass death? He remembered what his father had told him – “Son, perk up, look at the skies, and know that this fight has a reason. It’s a fight for peace. It may not make so much sense to you now, but the meaning will come to your life.”

That was the last thing his father told him before he went off to his own death in the battlefield.

He repeated it ten times over in his head, and looked at the battlefield. From this height, it looked like a battle between to ant colonies. A great comparison for his mind to use, without thinking of human killing human. The ‘fire’ ants, as he called them, had better weaponry and had the advantage in the battle - The opposite colony. And the army ants had nothing. They were smaller and the queen was already dead.

The king was already dead, and the enemy army was better. But that didn’t change anything. All that mattered was that mass death was coming.

Daedrous once more stepped off of the rock, and returned home.


This could be the beginnings of a long-term story for me to write, I don’t know.