Sid had stepped just enough into the room to let Nathros pass and Jeanne was now able to kneel behind him and get off as shot with her bow, though it goes wide.

Nathros swipes angrily at the nearest kobold but misses the wiry guy.

Sid has better results putting an arrow right through the eye of the kobold he'd missed the first time. It drops with a squeal of pain and gurgle.

Petrilla repays the favor with a well-thrown rock that catches the kobold attacking Nathros in the back of the head. He snarls and spins to look at her with a dazed look on his face

The two remaining kobolds seem confused by her words and the authority with which she shouts them.


Two kobolds down and almost certainly dead. One badly injured near Nathros. One uninjured in hand-to-hand combat with Brandon.

Foes win Initiative again!
1d6=2, 1d6=3
And they make their Morale rolls!

Brandon appears to be master swordsman next to this pesky kobold, easily swatting away its dagger thrusts. Nathros fares even better against his confused opponent as the little guy grabs his head with one hand and feebly points his dagger at Nathros without even really moving it toward the dwarf.