Stefan Reinhardt

It was through this little tunnel here, wasn't it? No, wait, that's where I just came from. Oh man.

The rough tunnels underneath the Old Mill weren't exactly the most sprawling in the world, but being cramped in such a tight space was disorienting enough to the young man. And it was rather dark.

If I didn't have this mail on, I could slip through a lot easier...

Stefan bit his lip in an attempt to think more rationally. There was no way he was going to take his armor off down here. In fact, why hadn't he worn two coats? That new boy they called Pear (due to his unfortunate body shape) had armor fitted to him last week - and Stefan could probably fit it over his own if he tried.

Next time, next time. Where am I?

Stefan didn't have a lit torch. In his haste he had picked up some glowing bug organ - an eye maybe? It didn't cast much light though.

The deep baritone of Brandon's battle cry rumbled faintly through the cavern - followed by the below of a dwarf.


Stefan wormed his way through the tight tunnel until he could see torchlight, and heard more clearly the sound of a battle - and a new voice. A human woman's voice, distinct from Jeanne's. As he slid forward, he gripped his mace.

What's a woman doing down here? Or was that a girl? Maybe she's the little dog guy's leader? No that's dumb - she's probably a squatter that got trapped by them. Poor thing... wait, why is that tone so familiar? Reminds me of hot soup...

Stefan emerged from the narrow tunnel to the sight of the battle. He quickly apprised the situation. He saw his friends dancing in battle with the dog men. Thank the Gods, Sid, I should've known better than to worry so much. Stefan swallows and casts an embarrased smile and a reassuring nod if anyone turned back to acknowledge him when he shows up.

If he could - he was going to try to get to that woman and break her free! But how?

"W-Where's the key?" he hastily asked the trapped girl.

Stefan; Thac0: 19. AC: 3 (shield on back)
Priority is freeing/protecting Petrillia. Priority list: First, he'll follow her directions if she seems to know where the key is. Second, if the fallen kobold's bodies are reasonably safe to get to, he'll try to search their belts for a key ring. Third, if he figures he can reasonably strike the lock on Petrillia's shackles while in no way indangering her - even slightly - he'll use his mace on it. Fourth, he'll defensively stand near her if he can get that close. And fifth, if none of the other options are plausible, he'll rush up to a kobold's flank (the one fighting Brandon) and strike with his mace.

Roll to hit: (1d20)[7]. Roll for damage: (1d6)[3]