Sid "The Sneak" Aimes

Sid, "Phew!"ed, when he dropped one of the kobolds. His hand hesitated as it went searching for another arrow, when Petrillia attempted to scare the kobolds. Wha? Army? He reflexively glanced behind him and was confused to see Stefan smiling and nodding apologetically. Stefan's no army, but why's he apologizing for that? He nodded back at Stefan but grimaced, when he saw the guy head straight for the girl. A moment later, he found an arrow and let loose a burst of laughter, when he realized that she had just been bluffing. Well, at least she's not entirely useless, like most damsels in distress! he thought. He fired at the kobold near Nathros.

HP: 4 AC: 6 Spells in effect: Nope. Thac0: 19

Attack ---> (1d20+2)[6] Damage ---> (1d6)[4]