Petrillia Ilyanov

Well, that didn't work as well as expected. I thought with all the stories I was telling about comparing them to the ancient Beastman army would throw them into a scare at the name of Halav. Ah accounting for the brains of little dogmen.

At the sight of yet another human entering through the tunnel, Petrillia thought that perhaps an army had come. What are all these people doing down here? Here I was planning an escape for days and now suddenly the whole town shows up.

Then, with a sudden flash of recognition: Oh for the love of... It was that young priesty-type boy. Petrillia had seen him at the inn from time to time. Oh, he was friendly enough and nice to look at, but she just didn't care much for the overly religious. Ah well, if the Immortals want a hand in getting me out of here, fine. But I could have figured it out on my own...

With that, she lauches another rock at a kobold with a "Take that you stinkin' dogman!"


HP: 3 AC: 9 (or worse since she is chained up) Spells in effect: N/A THAC0: 21 (19 thrown)