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    Brandon and Nathros find the kobolds better at dodging than attacking, each leaning just out of reach at the right time.

    Sid fires past the nearest kobold as Jeanne does the same. Stefan finds himself at the entrance to the little room, with the woman of interest at the far side. Sid and Jeanne block his way, unfortunately, unaware of his presence.

    Petrilla reloads, tossing another rock into the nearest kobold's back. It makes a sickening "thunk" and the little kobold slumps forward at Nathros' feet.


    Initiative: PCs - (1d6)[4]; Foes - (1d6)[2] PCs Win!

    The fifteen foot room is at least that deep. Nathros, Jeanne, Sid, and Brandon stand nearly shoulder to shoulder across the entrance, the only living kobold remaining is engaged with Brandon toe-to-toe.

    Petrilla is ten to fifteen feet in the room, still chained to a rock. And apparently an excellent rock thrower. (Thrown rocks do 1d3, btw.)
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