Stefan Reinhardt

Stefan slid to a stop, seeing no clear path across the room. He looked about anxiously before deciding there was only one option available.

"Hey, Sid, watch out!"

Stefan shrugged his shield off his back and onto his arm. Adjusting his helmet he moved into the fray.

Ok. Just like at practice. Keep your eyes on your target. Visualize. Yikes, watch out for Brandon's backswing!

He hunched down protectively as he plodded forward, shield and mace readied.

"Coming through!" he announced.

If he gets in range of the last remaining beast, he swings down as hard as he can. He probably forgets to keep his eyes open.

Stefan. Thac0: 19. AC: 2.
If Sid or anyone moves to give Stefan a way in, he moves up and attacks with his mace.
To hit: (1d20)[2] Damage: (1d6)[3]