Oh, dear. I haven't gotten Ezlo's glorious kobold charge written up yet, but I do have a newer story. When you make an insane, pyromaniac sorcerer angry or just get him acting on combat instinct, things go FWOOSH!

Burning the Man who Burnt Us
Or Oh my God that man made our bugbear explode.

Bubs was a bit weary. They'd traveled to the temple of Bloodlust, cleared it out and gotten the essence. Then it fell apart. Joe McBob (yes, that's really his name) was happy with his two swords. One, named Holy, was meant for fighting evil. The other, Unholy, was meant for fighting good. Bubs wondered briefly who came up with these names. He shrugged his shoulders, hefting the pack with Bubbles, his pet, higher on his back. His helmet, made from the skull of a tortoise and reinforced with adamantite, chafed slightly. They were making their way back toward the tower of the wizard who had given Joe, the succubus and Chrono this quest before they'd found him hanging from a cave entrance by his feet.
Fortunately, they were close. Soon after this line of thoughts passed through Bubs's mind, they were knocking on the door and entering the tower.
"So, how goes your quest?" the wizard asked. Bubs wondered if his name had been mentioned or if he was hiding it.
"Well, we got the first three essences. And, in the temple of Bloodlust, we found these swords!" Chrono said, bragging a bit. The wizard was impressed and launched into a story about how the two blades were opposite twins of each other. Opposite twins? Twins are identical. Bubs barely paid attention to the history lecture.
"I wonder why a skeleton would have these blades..." the wizard mused.
Wait. Nobody mentioned the skeleton.
"Who said anything about a skeleton?" Bubs asked.
The wizard sputtered. After a few tense moments, he yelled "GET THEM!" and ran out of the tower. With a mental command, Bubs sent Bubbles to chase him down. The skeleton, all that remained of a wolf, leapt out of the sack, reforming itself to chase down the wizard. Three burly thugs flipped the table they were around, sending Bubs and the succubus sprawling. Chrono and Joe, however, avoided it. With a shout and a quick gesture, Bubs summoned a cloud of glowing particles around the thugs, accidentally catching Chrono in the cloud as well. Oops.
The three front-line fighters attacked the thugs, quickly dispatching them. During the short fight, a loud scream came from outside. That'd be the wizard. Good dog.
The four "heroes" exited the tower and were greeted by the sight of Bubbles proudly sitting on the wizard, wagging its skeletal tail.
"Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! You're a good boy!" Bubs cooed as he petted Bubbles. With another gesture and word, his hands and eyes ignited and he glared down at the traitorous wizard. "Who're you working for?"
"Hah! Like I'd ever tell you!"
Bubs snarled, motioned Bubbles off the wizard and kneeled on the man's stomach, dropping into it. "I'll ask you again. Who had you do this?"
"What the...!" Chrono yelled. Bubs's head whipped up, looking in the direction Chrono was pointing. A bugbear was charging down the hill at them.
"BURN!" screamed the furious Bubs. A small glowing orb shot from his hand and struck the bugbear in the chest, creating a blast of fire which left barely a skeleton. In his fury, the rest of his body began to burn as well. He growled at the wizard beneath him "Tell me if you want to live."
"But they'll kill me!" protested the now terrified man.
Bubs looked at where the bugbear had charged from and saw three robed figures and three skeletons. The skeletons were moving toward them. Bubbles sprinted forward, attacking the center skeleton. Chrono took the one on the left and the ranger and cleric took the right. The necromancers each hurled a sphere which contained some weak spells, aside from one fireball that Bubs managed to avoid getting more than minor burns from. In return, he hurled a fireball which immolated all three necromancers. The three skeletons were a pittance for his companions to destroy.
"If you tell me, I'll give you a quick death. If you don't, I'll take my time. Understand?" Bubs told the wizard. The flames wreathing him flared and he glared at the man.
"Y-yes. I work for the Knights Templar. They want to free Ra-" the explanation was cut short as an arrow went through the man's skull. The group looked to where the arrow had shot from and saw a figure in golden armor retreat back behind a tree.