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"Good shot, lady!"
Petrillia Ilyanov

Petrillia responds with a non-commital "Mmm." She had helped slaughter animals for food in the past, but she hadn't consciously thought about killing another intelligent being.

Intelligent? Well, yeah, I suppose. After all, these things set traps, speak Common...sort of, and were at least smart enought to keep me chained to this stupid barrel. I guess it really is a moot point now. It's dead and I'm not. I suppose it would have been only a matter of time before Top Dogman loses complete control and they would be serving ME up for dinner. Stupid dogmen!

A few days ago, the thought of dying was merely an academic thought experiment. Her time in this dark, filthy hole had brought death out of the abstract and into cold and harsh reality. And it scared her more than she wanted to admit.

Scrunching up her face to keep the tears back, Petrillia reaches for another rock. "Stupid animals!"


HP: 3 AC: 9 (or worse since she is chained up) Spells in effect: N/A THAC0: 21 (19 thrown)

Attack: (1d20)[8]
Damage: (1d3)[3]