Chapter 3 - Part 4

Once the kids have grouped themselves, Lynda addresses them.

"Alright. Each member in the group will take turns shifting. You will practice until you have no problem with this task. Remember, you must concentrate on what your dragon form looks like. This will take some getting used to."

Pete looks at the other two. "That make sense to anybody else? How are we supposed to do that when we don't know what our dragon forms look like?" John shrugs, while Tracy just smirks. "Trust me, you'll know. Here, I'll go first."

She takes a step back and closes her eyes. Her body starts to stretch out and morph, like Lynda's did. She becomes much more narrow than an ice dragon, though, and longer. Her hind limbs are shorter, while her front limbs start to grow extra skin that stretch towards her body. Her faces lengthens to almost a point, and she becomes covered in dull gray scales.

After a moment, the shifting stops, and she looks between John and Pete.

"Well? Told you guys it was easy." Her voice isn't as deep as Lynda's was.

" did you know you were gonna look like that?" Pete seems confused.

Tracy smiles. As much as a dragon can, anyway. "It's hard to explain. You" She shifts back to her human form. "And that, gentleman, is what a proper Wind Dragon looks like."

John smiles. "Alright, my turn, I guess." He closes his eyes and starts to think of himself as a dragon. And, to his surprise, he gets an extremely clear mental picture of it. He hesitates for a moment, then concentrates even more.

Tracy smirks as John's body begins to shift. He is built similar to an Ice Dragon, if a little bit leaner. His scales are black, and his claws look to be bronze-like. His eyes are bright yellow. He has only two horns on his head, the same color as his claws. Bronze spikes run down his spine to his tail, the tip of which has a flare of sorts. The inner skin of his wings are almost yellow, while the outer side is as black as his scales.

Pete lets out a low whistle. "Damn. That's sharp, man."

John looks down at himself. "Huh. That was...odd...kind of..." His voice seems to crackle. Tracy nods a little. "Told ya. You just know. Now concentrate on your human self."

John nods and does so. A moment later, he is back in his human form.

"Never seen a Lightning Dragon before. My dad told me what they generally look like, but I've never actually seen one." Tracy looks to Pete. "Your turn."

Pete grins. "Alright ladies! Step back and watch as I become an ultimate Fire Dragon!" Tracy shakes her head a little as Pete shifts.

Pete is a dark shade of red, with scales built up around joints that kind of look like embers. Looking at him from any angle makes one think that his edges are glowing slightly. His wings are a lighter shade than the rest of his body, and seem a little bigger than those of an Ice or Lightning Dragon. His tail also flares out, though wider than a Lightning Dragon's.

Pete grins slightly. "Aw, yeah. Look at the big bad Fire Dragon." Smoke slowly pours from his mouth as he talks.

John laughs a little. "Pete, you're such a goof."