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    Kirk Locke

    Alias: Soldrin Kenmtor

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Drow

    Age: Over 100, physically 43 (20s HPME*), fully mature.

    Profession: NO Lieutenant

    Description: Kirk has plenty of the average features you'd expect of a drow elf. His eyes are a bright, striking red, his hair is white and cut short, his skin is a very dark grey/black, and of course, his ears are pointed. Hes rather short, as is typical for drow men where he comes from, standing about five feet six inches tall.

    Beyond those obvious features, Kirk is a devilishly handsome man, both in physical appearance and in how he oozes confidence. By human standards, he's not overly masculine, though I would hesitate to call him feminine either. His jawline is strong, though on the narrow side and his chin is somewhat pointed. His lips are somewhat thin and his nose is straight and of average size. Overall his build is narrow and muscular, his shoulders are narrower than your average human's.

    He frequently wears a variety of black suits with a white shirt underneath them. His tie is thin and black. On his head he wears a SRV hat, and the feather in it is a large, bird of paradise tail feather. Sometimes he may dress more casual, but you can rarely find him less than impeccably dressed.


    Personality: Kirk is confident to a fault. He likes to take risks because he's sure he can handle the outcome. A gambling man through and through. He can be very suave and charming when he wants to. Kirk has quite a vicious streak, and he is more than willing to take advantage of anyone for personal gain. Couple this with his often cold hearted approach to other people, and you get a very uncaring person at best. It's generally hidden rather well, mostly due to him being a compulsive liar. He never hesitates to hide things he doesn't need to share.

    • An SRV hat that he received as a Thanksmas present from Moff Prime. He is almost never found without it.
    • A small silver pendant twisted in a swirling pattern. It protects his mind from attack as long as he's wearing it.
    • Ring of Mental Clarity. Protects you from being affected by mind altering substances. Most notably, alcohol. Also lets you verbally command/control the wearer of the spiked collar of endurance.

    • A number of different kind of knives. Some made for hand to hand fighting, some that were made to be thrown, some with more particular purposes. Some have some magical effects, including being able to be called to his hand and changing in length. It's hard to say what knife he'll use at any given time.
    • A saxophone that has obviously been well used and even better cared for. It has some wear, but it still looks beautiful and plays even more so.
    • Four poker chips marked with different glyphs to have different magic effects. Those being targeted paralysis, short range teleport, ten pound item creation, emotional dampening zone. Can be reused every thirty six hours.
    • Alien laser tommy gun. It was created using a recovered laser rifle from a UFO ajnd his old Tommy gun with magtok's help. It fires green lasers and never runs out of ammo.

    • A pendant with a stone coloured red with black swirls. Contains the essence of Diablo, but mostly just looks fancy.

    Abilities: Kirk is skilled with knives, throwing or otherwise, and most other bladed weapons ranging from swords to daggers. He is able to manage with most other weapons.

    He's a tad faster and stronger than he should be. It's not very significant, and someone would be hard pressed to notice a difference between him and a regular person.

    Kirk was born and spent most of his early life in a drow city in the Underdark. He was the fourth son of the Matron mother of a minor House. He despised the culture of his people, but he survived in it well enough. One day, however, it all fell apart. He made a fatal mistake and he had to get out fast. He never left cleanly, though. Before he could leave, he put a knife in one of his older brothers and his mother.

    He moved on tot he surface world and roamed for several years. He made a small name for himself as a thief and a sell sword. he got a taste for adventure then, and it wasn't so easily sated. He sought out a mage that could help him. he wanted to explore other worlds.

    From that point on, he traveled to and within a number of worlds. He had a colourful life and many adventures. He met many people, but always left them behind when he traveled on, often with a number of people that were less than pleased with him.

    Some time before he found himself in the Nexus, Kirk had a bad run in with a demon and made a bad deal. The result of which was, eventually, his near possession by demons. They had a significant effect on him, making him monstrous, and he never even realized it. This is the state he came tot he Nexus in, though he has since escaped their clutches.

    Miscellaneous: As a cost to Which, Kirk had to give up his eternal youth and his regeneration. Furthermore, he cannot regain these traits.

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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