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    Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 65

    Reimu: This is quite clearly an incident.

    Marisa: Yeah, I've actually been thinkin' that for awhile now.

    You lie.

    Hey hey, I'm not lyin'! And the proof is cuz this incident reminds me of somethin' awhile ago.

    My, what a coincidence. It brings up certain memories for me too...And that's not something to be particularly proud of.

    Yeah, I s'pose not. But yeah, I've definitely experienced somethin' similar to this before.

    Yes. People naturally gathering without anyone calling them...and continuous, neverending feasts...There was a secret perpetrator behind the scenes then.

    The M.O. this time is completely the same too. Lookin' at the situation, they're entirely alike, so the culprit should be the same too.

    And she's usually in league with Yukari too. Geez, she always goes too far.

    Well, now ya know the culprit's objective, but what can ya do to stop it? We can't see her after all, so we can't lay a finger on her.

    Hehe, do you think I'll give up that easily? Me, a specialist? I've been keeping this a secret since it'll be trouble if she hears about it...but you'll see.

    Reimu smiled mysteriously as she spoke. She probably had an effective plan in mind...That's what Marisa thought, at least, so she decided to let Reimu handle everything.


    Meiling: Here, I'll show you one of the many styles of martial arts for your entertainment. Haaa, hooo...!

    Youmu: Ohh...A close-range form of battle using chi with your bare hands? As a swordswoman, I must keep this in mind for reference.

    Sakuya: You really are quite skillful. Do your fingers not get tired from manipulating so many dolls at the same time?

    Alice: That's only for amateurs. You're able to throw several knives with terrific accuracy at the same time too, after all.

    Patchouli: Goodness, everyone's so enthusiastic even in this sweltering heat.

    Remilia: You should try to mix around with everyone too, Patchy. It might just cure your asthma.

    What a nice joke. My asthma will end the day I stop breathing.

    Yuyuko: Do make sure to come to me when that happens. I could use a few more people with brains.

    You're not allowed to headhunt my subjects! You can take the black one if you want, though.

    Marisa: (That Reimu told me to join in normaly, but not to drink...But that ain't normal at all...Just what's she plannin'?)

    ...Marisa? It's strange to see you so deep in thought.

    Ehh? Ah, yeah, decapitators are real awful.

    That sort of fits, but it's not quite what we're talking about.

    (Reimu...please hurry up already!)

    Reimu stood at a faraway location from the feast, acting as its shadow. She looked at the festivities from a distance, smiling at a job well done.

    Reimu: Good, it's progressing well. Now, it just needs to get closer to its climax, then...

    Reimu continued to inspect the situation from her distant location. It was barely visible among the sake-drinking crowd, but as it got wilder, a certain fog became visible, and started to get thicker.

    BGM: Legends

    Just as it was all reaching its climax, Reimu slowly stood up, spread her legs, and placed her hands on her hips. Her fingers then intertwined together, and she began to chant.

    The four borders that enclose, shall exorcise the evil and negate the gloom of the oni's calamities...Make the invisible visible, Evil Oni Seal!

    She held out the branch of a sacred tree, and spoke words befitting of a shrine maiden who served her god. A gigantic barrier then enclosed the area of the feast, cutting it off from the outside world.

    Whew, this should do it. Now to apply the finishing touches.

    The barrier that now enclosed the area was completely colourless and transparent. It looked completely different from the iside, with a cloudy mist around it.

    Hey Reimu, what's up with this thing?

    Marisa rushed over as soon as she saw Reimu starting to approach them. She was naturally asking about the barrier. None of the others had apparently noticed the barrier, and were continuing to drink merrily.

    It's exactly what it looks like. A barrier. Nothing from the inside can escape out of it.

    ...Ahh, I see what you're gettin' at.

    Unlike the last time, we know what we're dealing with now. No matter how much she tries to disperse, if she can't run, she'll have to show herself!

    She then marched right into the middle of the party. She looked left and right, but was not even slightly interested in joining in. Instead, she was looking to end the enjoyable feasts right this moment.

    Now then, you can't hide forever. Come out already. I know you're there.

    Reimu folded her arms and called out to nothingness. The thin fog that was hovering over the area started to gather and materialize into the form of a person.

    The formation eventually completed to reveal the figure of a little girl with the body of a kid, and a pair of oversized horns that looked silly on her stature.

    Suika: ...Ahh, I got found out again. You did well to find me.

    It was obvious. This is the second time after all.

    You sure brought a really nostalgic antique out for the occasion though. I didn't think you'd still have those barriers around.

    An absolute barrier that cannot be escaped easily, used for Oni-binding...I looked through the old books in the storehouse especially for you.

    Hmm, good job I suppose.

    Suika wasn't affected by Reimu's displeased way of talking at all, and took another swig from the gourd that she carried with her everywhere.

    *gulp* *hic*...Want a drink, Reimu?

    The feasts are now over. It's a real bother to hold these constantly. And you're the one who kept gathering them to this place, weren't you?

    Whoa, I've been found out that much? ...Then again, that was pretty much the same too. Isn't it fine, though? Everyone had a lot of fun.

    Suika glanced over at the partygoers, who still hadn't noticed that the Oni who was always at feasts had shown up. They were still too busy continuing the feast.

    You all should stop too!

    Oh~, but today's the last time after all, so we have to enjoy it to the fullest.

    Indeed, I don't even know what you're making such a big fuss over.

    ...You knew from the beginning, didn't you.

    Well, yeah. it's no longer an incident if we know what's the cause of it.

    And we're not troubling anyone.

    Yes you are! I'm breaking up the party right now! By force if I have to!

    By force, huh...?

    BGM: Tremors of Hostility

    Suika slowly began to stand up, gourd still attached to mouth, reacting to Reimu's exclamation. She stood steadily and confidently, as if she was ready to beat anyone and everyone up, despite all the sake she drank.

    You're boasting about your strength in front of an Oni, huh...? When did you get so haughty?

    Why did you do this to begin with? If you wanted to drink, no one would mind if you did it normally.

    ...That's because that black one over there...She said something that really got on my nerves.


    Marisa? What did you say to her?

    I seriously have no idea...What'd I do?

    You said I wasn't needed.



    Right, let's just keep a discreet eye on it...Ahh, using my head too much makes me hungry. Let's get some soba while we're here.

    I'll take mine with tempura.

    Who said I'm treating you?

    Who said they wanted to be treated?

    I'll take tofu soba then. The cold tofu goes wonderfully with the hot soba. As for you...I'll treat you to a slice of watermelon.

    ...Forget it. Especially the bit 'bout the watermelon. I don't need anythin' that reminds me of a certain Oni.

    (end flashback)

    I finally came back to Gensokyo, and some human went and said I'm not needed. So I figured I'd give her another lesson on the strength of the Oni.

    So you were the source of all the troubles!

    Hey hey hey, I wasn't talking about Suika, I was talkin' about the watermelons! And you were listenin' in!?

    Yeah I was. I was the fog near you. Anyway, that's why...So let's get started. You gotta do some exercise after some heavy drinking.

    Oni really are such troublemakers. I wanted to resolve this peacefully, but since this is the case now, you better prepare yourself!

    Prepare myself? Heh, your memory isn't too good. I'll make you remember once again, the power of the ancient Oni that humans and youkai have forgotten!


    BGM: Onigashima in the Fairyland ~ Missing Power ~ Sengoku Arr. ~

    Suika hits like a freight truck. That's pretty much the main thing you need to know about this fight. She prefers melee attacks, and will aggressively Advance All if no one is at Close range to her, so it's a good idea to stick at least character capable of surviving her onslaught in the Close position to tank her attacks.

    Even on Normal mode, Suika is capable of OHKO shots on characters with average defense, so you'll need someone with very good defense (my Keine has 10 DEF) or other forms of survival (like Resurrection). Since this is a boss fight and not a normal battle, Suika's attack power will not go down as her HP decreases.

    Be very afraid of Suika's Pandemonium. It lets her attack 2-4 times in one turn, and it's a melee attack that ignores range, so it can snipe your backrow mages with ease. Each hit is less powerful than her regular attack, but they still hurt quite a bit. Two of these hits should be more than enough to KO most non-tankish characters.

    Since this is a special boss fight, you get an unlimited battle counter (and so does your enemy). That means it's perfectly fine to spam expensive specials for healing, buffs, and other effects. Whenever a character is defeated, they'll automatically be replaced by a random character from your roster; better hope it's someone you've raised for battle! The fact that they always start at Medium range can be a problem; on their first turn, they either have to retreat and pass, or advance and attack into Suika's strong counterattack.

    On higher difficulties, Suika gets several mini-Suika clones as her allies. They have less than half as much HP as the real Suika, but they still each get access to Pandemonium.

    Anyway, once Suika has been defeated you can enjoy the rest of this awesome event.


    Suika: Owowowow...Geez, couldn't you all have shown a bit of restraint?

    They achieved victory against the illusionary Oni of terrifying strength, Suika Ibuki. But even though everyone had taken shots at her, she didn't look even the slightest bit weary.

    Reimu: As if we could when fighting someone like you! Anyway, this is the end of the feast, so hurry up and...

    Ah, wait a sec.

    What? If you think you can make excuses...

    Well...Hmm, yeah, she's about there, I guess. She's definitely a lot better than before. It's like she just needs a little push.

    Hey, what are you mumbling to yourself about!?

    Hmm..Yeah, I guess I'll give her the final shove, huh? Alright, gotcha. It should be fine, I think.

    Suika had apparently received communicaton from something, and looked like she was talking to herself. Reimu started to get a bad feeling, but Suika turned to her before it could develop.

    Ahh, sorry, sorry. I'm done now.


    Don't worry about it. All you need to worry about is this!


    Suika had been smiling the whole time, but that smile disappeared from her face that second, causing Reimu to stop in her tracks. Reimu took up a stance to prepare, when she noticed something strange.

    BGM: Moment by Moment ~KIZAKIZA~

    Wha...What's going on!?

    Did you forget about my power? I can manipulate density. With that, I have cut off this space where we exist from the outside throught dissipation. In other words, no one outside can interfere, and there's nowhere for you to run...It's an improved version of that ancient barrier of yours.

    A quick look around the surroundings revealed that Marisa and the rest, despite being so near, looked very far away, and there were no sounds of the wind or nature, let alone voices. Reimu was truly isolated. Suika must have a reason for doing this, but Reimu could not figure out what it was. Reimu was starting to feel the pressure from facing off against an Oni under such circumstances.

    ...What are you trying to do?

    When you are facing an opponent who vastly outnumbers you, you aim to eliminate their commander. Basic war tactics, no?

    You really don't know when to give up. And what have you been talking aboutall this while? You were talking about me so secretively.

    Reimu irritatedly tried to cross-examine Suika's incomprehensible attitude, but Suika simply increased the power of her mysterious aura, causing Reimu to wince.

    It doesn't matter. More importantly...What are you doing? Wouldn't you rather run and spare your life?

    Run? Don't be silly, I'll finish this by taking out the culprit!

    She took out several anti-demon needles from her sleeve and threw them at Suika. The needles flew right at her...But then, long before they could reach Suika, they came to a stop and dropped to the floor aimlessly.


    You really did forget about my power. I simply dissipated the distance between our positions, so you can't reach me now. You can't do a thing to me. I really would recommend that you run. You could call it a strategic retreat. No one's coming to help you, and you can't do anything on your own.

    Hmph...You keep talking nonsense. When did I ever ask for anyone to come and help me?

    Reimu remained stubborn, even with Suika provoking her. But Suika's words only grew even harsher.

    That comeback of yours is proof that you know nothing at all~. It's not a matter of asking for people to help you or not.

    ... You're getting really annoying. Just spit out what you want to say already.

    I'll do it all myself~, I don't need anyone else~...You're thinking that, aren't you~? That is where you have greatly erred. There isn't a single soul who can truly live alone in this Gensokyo.

    ...I was waiting for something good, but another silly lecture? How stupid, you should say "Unlock your secret hidden power!" or something like that.

    Ahaha, I suppose you have that. But it's not quite what I want to say.

    ...You're starting to annoy me. I've got no time for your nonsense, bring us back already.

    Go ahead, do it yourself then. For the great, aloof and resolute Hakurei shrine maiden, Reimu Hakurei, this should be nothing, right~?

    Why you...!

    A cursory glance of the surroundings showed Reimu nothing unusual; just a large distance to the outside. If it was a kind of barrier, she could null it simply by touching it. But it wasn't a barrier.

    She tried to fly towards the rice-grain-like entity that was Marisa in her view. But just like the needles she threw earlier, she could not get any closer. She gave up, and turned around to see a grinning Suika.

    This area is my world. Whatever you try to do, all that will happen is you fluttering around helplessly around me.

    ...In other words, I'll have to deal with you.

    It must be so lonely, being by yourself in this world, with no friends or allies. No one will come to help you like before. Oh, right, you don't need them. Ahh~, such a poor little thing~. Marisa and everyone else at the shrine think of you as a friend and an ally, but what do you think of them?

    Stop talking about this crap. You're just trying to guilt trip me.

    I sure am. But haven't you ever wondered? Why is it that you don't feel the things that other people feel?

    ...What are you talking about?

    You're under the impression that you're following your own will. But that's wrong. You're being forced to think as you do.

    ...I said, what are you talking about!?

    Reimu unintentionally raised her voice. Reimu was beginning to feel the crushing pressure of Suika's words like a weight on her body.

    You are...a Hakurei. Your duty is to protect the barrier that preserves Gensokyo. On the surface, that means you can't let yourself be influenced by others. And that's natural. The Great Hakurei Barrier is the lifeline of Gensokyo. If its custodian got too close to someone, others would find it unsettling. In short, what you think has been your own will, has actually all been the will of the Hakurei blood that flows within you.

    W-What are you...Stop messing around!

    My, are you shocked? I can imagine so. You must've been thinking that you were living life the way you wanted, when it's all been decided for you already.

    S...Shut up! Shut UP!

    Reimu was flying into a rage, throwing all sorts of needles and cards at Suika. But of course, none of them hit their mark. Suika seemed so close, yet so far, and was giving her smirk with pity in her eyes.

    ...That Hakurei blood served as a defense system to protect Gensokyo. But in this age where humans and youkai are closer than ever, it is plainly unsuitable. This is the first time that a Hakurei could live among humans and youkai freely. yet, the blood of the Hakurei refuses to change. Even you have not noticed it. And...that's why I've decided to teach this to you by force!

    Ugh...!? Ahhhhhh!!

    Suika's unearthly aura suddenly flowed over, and she showered Reimu with danmaku. Reimu barely dodged several of the bullets, but some were unavoidable, and she was knocked away by them.

    C'mon, what's wrong!? so you can't do anything on your own after all!? What's the matter? Beat me like you did just a little while ago!

    Y-You're just...Argh!

    Suika continued to fire an endless stream of danmaku at Reimu. Reimu no longer had any hope of standing up to Suika's barrages. It was all she could do just to defend herself.

    ...Reimu, no one is telling you to change immediately. But the precious things close to you...right next to you. That's all we want you to realize. I'm sure you have the radiance somewhere deep within your heart. You will realize the people by your side, calling out your name!

    My name...? Uwahhh!

    A single, large magic bullet struck Reimu directly...As she collapsed to the floor, a single, hazy face rose to her consciousness...it was the face of Marisa.

    It figures that at this kind of time...It's her face I see...

    ...Marisa then materialized fully into her view. The Marisa from outside the space that Suika created was yelling out something. She was so small and far away before, yet now, she seemed perfectly normal.

    Marisa: ......! .................!

    What...? What are you saying...?

    ...mu...wake...Re...wake up...What's wrong with you...Get a hold of yourself, Reimu!


    BGM: A Single Ending, A Single Beginning

    Marisa's voice suddenly rang clear and true into her ears, and something stirrd within Reimu. A small sphere of light emerged from Reimu's chest, and floated in front of her eyes.

    Wha...What is this...?

    You forgot about my power again. I don't just dissipate, I gather as well. See? It's starting to gather now.

    Just as Suika said, tiny spheres of light continued to emerge from within Reimu, merging to become even bigger and brighter. All the people Reimu had met floated to her mind. She felt a strange, warm glow in her heart.

    This is...

    How d'ya like it? This light is formed by the radiance of the hearts of everyone in this world with affection for you. Ahaha, there's so many of them!

    Before long, the light had been completed. The sphere the size of a fist floated in front of Reimu's chest...She reached out to touch it, and it instantly popped.


    You aren't actually supposed to see this kind of thing. Treat it as a special gift from me. Relax, gathering all these lights for you is why I came here.

    I...I...T-That doesn't matter! How dare you mess with me like that!

    Ahahaha! As long as you're that lively, there's nothing to worry about. Do your best in your Hakurei duties from now on as well~!

    The pressurizing aura that Suika emitted vanished in an instant, and Suika was back to her usual self. At the same time, Marisa rushed over to Reimu's side. The space had returned to normal at some point.

    Hey, Reimu! Are you okay!? Suika, what the hell were you doing!?

    Marisa...I-I'm fine, please don't worry about me.

    Hm...? If ya say so, but you're actin' kinda strange...It's like your entire atmosphere's changed.

    It's just your imagination. And don't say such weird things, it gives me the shivers.

    Ahaha...Well, there's no rush. Just take it slow and steady.

    What's she talkin' about?

    ...Just some Oni psychology.

    What's that supposed' ta mean? ...Well, whatever. Let's clean up this mess. Everyone's gonna pitch in this time.

    Remilia: Now, let's finish this quickly and go home. Work hard, Sakuya.

    Sakuya: You should help out too, Milady. Though admittedly, it would be silly if you helped out here, but not at the mansion.

    Patchouli: ...If it's light, I can handle it.

    Meiling: I'll take the empty bottles back, then.

    Yuyuko: Youmu, please handle the bags.

    Youmu: Yes. A lot of them are empty now, I see.

    Alice: I'll do the sweeping up, then. These little ones will have the place clean in a jiffy.

    And so, everyone set off on their own duties to clean up after the end of the feast. Reimu had a glimpse of the brightness of their feelings from their hearts...The radiance of it maid Reimu dim her eyes.

    ...Hm? Is somethin' wrong? Ya look like you're findin' it difficult to stand. Are ya not feelin' well? You can go over there to rest if ya...



    I demand this cleaning up to stop! Let's start drinking again! C'mon, no complaints now! Spread the mats and open up those bags!

    ...It doesn't appear to be raining.

    Well, if Reimu says it's okay, who are we to refuse?

    You heard her, Youmu. Put down those bags. Ah, and go back to Hakugyokurou to pick up more suitable items for a feast.

    Awww...Ah well, I suppose it can't be helped.

    The feast restarted at Reimu's command. And this time, it was a true feast, uninfluenced by Suika in any way. Suika looked on happily as the preparations began anew.

    Heeey! If you don't come quickly, there'll be no more food left for you!

    Ah, okay okay, I'm coming!

    (...You're watching, huh? I don't know if they're what you expected...But they're a great bunch all the same. Your beloved Gensokyo is in safe hands here, at least.)

    And Reimu will always be at the center of it. Suika looked up at the dazzling sun, shining its rays of light gently on the girls, then went off to join the party.

    Reimu's story has been cleared.
    Suika Ibuki has been taken prisoner.


    Turn: 65
    Ouki: 5491
    Ryumaku: 105/134
    Actions Available: 3

    Our Territories:

    Hakurei Shrine
    Defense: 250/250
    Cost to Develop: 27 RES

    Night-Blind Road
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Faintly Dark Path
    Defense: 175/175
    \Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Entrance
    Defense: 180/180
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Border
    Defense: 160/160
    Cost to Develop: 33 RES

    Magic Forest Interior
    Defense: 210/210
    cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Road of Reconsideration
    Defense: 190/190
    Cost to Develop: 30 RES

    Defense: 215/215
    Cost to Develop: 6 RES

    Human Village
    Defense: 150/310
    Cost to Develop: 36 RES

    Garden of the Sun
    Defense: 175/175
    Cost to Develop: 30 RES

    Nameless Hill
    Defense: 205/205
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Misty Lake
    Defense: 225/225
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    SDM Gate
    Defense: 230/230
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    Great Library
    Defense: 195/195
    Cost to Develop: 18 RES

    Clock Tower
    Defense: 210/210
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    SDM Top Floor
    Defense: 225/225
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Lost Bamboo Forest
    Defense: 205/205
    Cost to Develop: 9 RES

    Hidden House
    Defense: 195/195
    Cost to Develop: 6 RES

    Defense: 230/230
    Cost to Develop: 12 RES

    Enemy Territories:

    Blossoms Barrier
    Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
    General: Prismriver Sisters
    Defense: 220/220

    Hakugyokurou Stairs
    Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
    General: Youmu Konpaku
    Defense: 200/200

    Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
    General: Yuyuko Saigyouji (leader)
    Defense: 235/235

    Yakumo Residence
    Army: Yakumo Clan
    General: Yukari Yakumo (leader)
    Defense: 310/310

    Special Events:

    War Declaration: Yakumo Clan
    Costs 10 NEG to declare war.

    New Prisoners:

    Suika Ibuki
    Level: 23
    HP: 900
    MEL: 9
    RNG: 5
    DEF: 6
    WIS: 5
    SPD: 4
    RES: 6
    NEG: 2
    Cost: 7
    Special: Pandemonium, melee attack that randomly hits 2-4 times, ignores range.

    Btw, I also spent the turn purchasing some items, hence our lower Ouki funds. You can check the first post to see what's left at the store.

    So according to this game, Suika can set up a fuzetsu field, stop bullets like she were The One, deliver a Reason You Suck speech to the main heroine of the series, manipulate the light orbs from the Illusionary World, and conclude with a smirk and a "Just as planned". Awesome.

    Didn't one of Chado's doujinshi also use a similar plot, except with the SDM?

    Also, I've never noticed this before, but apparently completing Reimu's story gives her a +100 boost to her max HP as well. Cool.

    Do you honestly think this is the end of Reimu's story? Ha...just you wait.
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