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    Default Re: Books of the FAR FUTURE, IN WHICH THERE IS ONLY WAR

    Quote Originally Posted by Deth Muncher View Post
    I'm wondering how many others of you out in the Playground enjoy the novels set in the FAR FUTURE of GRIMDARKNESS...
    Basically, my opinion is that anyone with their name on a Horus Heresy novel deserves it, and that you should immediately go out and read everything else they've written.

    Second, any series that gets reprinted in an Omnibus edition, deserves to be reprinted. If you see an Omnibus, buy it.

    Third, every single audio-book has been top-notch. Toby Longworth's voice acting for Colonel Straken in Waiting Death is perfect.

    My favourites in no particular order;
    Grey Knights
    Eisenhorn and Ravenor
    ...If you can't tell, I like the Inquisition.

    Every single audio-book.
    The Soul Drinkers
    The Dark Apostle trilogy.

    Anything by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Graham McNeil and Gav Thorpe.

    The only book that I can remember reading of 40K that I didn't like was Salamander by Nick Kyme. However, then there was the audio-book Fireborn, and the second Salamander novel Firedrake which are orders of magnitude better than the original novel.

    The First Heretic, A Thousand Sons and (I think) Mechanicum have all been on the New York Times' Bestsellers list. 40K novels. On the NYT BS List. These novels are that good. Get them.
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