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    Quote Originally Posted by gkathellar View Post
    I'm actually a big fan of your original revisions, so I'm happy to see you redoing them here in the Playground. The model for fighters getting more from these feats is pretty cool, but it will definitely make the one-level-fighter-dip more attractive. Of course, there's nothing inherently wrong with that.

    If I don't mention something, assume I have no issues with it. If I bold something, it's because it's insane.
    lol, sure. It was like 4am when I wrote these because I couldn't sleep.

    Blindfight says you reroll your attack ... do you mean you reroll the miss chance? Plus, it's wisdom-centric, why no monk access to its extra power (since you do that for Stunning Fist)?
    Reroll miss chance would make more sense wouldn't it?

    Improved Feint needs to specify class level, instead of just saying level. It might be a bit much, actually ... I get that fighters should be better, but rogues will have a hard time keeping up in terms of combat value outside of UMD.
    Actually, I intended to simply say level, and not Fighter level. Also, remember, you can only get 1 attack with half-level sneak attack per round, while a Rogue gets full-level sneak attack on all of their attacks, often even attacks of opportunity. AND you have to spend a swift action AND succeed on a feint attempt. I'm pretty sure it's actually still weak, but at least it's fun.

    Mobility is unclear. 1) Do you get to make one additional five foot step that can be used on your turn, or when an opponent misses you? 2) Do you get one additional five foot step on your turn, and unlimited five foot steps for when opponents miss you? 3) [Insert Correct Answer].
    Number 2 is correct. How might I clarify this?

    And how does this interact with revised combat expertise? Do you get to counterattack and step away? Or just one?
    You may do both. There's nothing to stop you unless you choose to step away before you are able to attack. Of course you don't have to step away at all, or you could be wielding a reach weapon, etc, etc.

    Improved Critical is now objectively better for high-mulitplier weapons than it is for high threat weapons, something which I find problematic.
    Meh. That's an interesting point. I'm trying to avoid the "I crit on a roll of 7" issue, but maybe I should just put it back to normal.

    Also, death effects at 8th level? What is this I don't even
    Really? You think that's nuts? Phantasmal Killer has always existed and that's a death effect at 7th level. This death effect requires you to hit with an attack, requires you to actually threaten a critical, requires you to confirm that threat, and then requires the enemy to fail a Fort save. Sounds even more situational than Phantasmal Killer and you need to spend a feat to get it.

    Improved Shield Bash's extra benefit should be optional - as written you can't make a shield bash without interrupting your attack routine.
    It is optional. It says "up to" which means as little as 0ft if you want it to be.

    Also, since "push" is not a defined term in 3.5, you need to make it clear what direction you're moving them in (I assume "away" is the correct answer).
    You're right, it isn't defined, so what should I use? I suppose I could just use "move; this movement doesn't provoke attacks of opportunity."

    Deflect Arrows should have some limits on its fighter benefit. As written a first level fighter can sit there knocking away Disintegrate and thrown cows as long as he has extra AoOs.
    EEehhh, yeah, you're probably right, but a big part of me really wants the Fighter to be able to do that. I mean, he probably doesn't have more than three AoOs a turn, and he's giving up his ability to actually make them in order to defend himself. Any suggestions on what limitations to apply?

    Mounted Combat's modification shouldn't be exclusive to fighters. Paladins and Rangers, at least, should be able to defend and ride their mounts with the same level of supreme skill.
    I could see that. I'll probably add that in. Oh, and I'll probably also add the Monk benefit to Blind-Fight.

    Mounted Assault is ... what? I'm pretty sure you only take penalties to ranged attacks while mounted. Also, the second part of the fighter extra here is ridiculous. All you need is a mount with tons of attacks (hello polymorph/wild shape) and your full attack will go completely nuts. And your mounts is invulnerable now, thanks to Mounted Combat.
    Yeeeeah. 4am. I'll go ahead and fix this.

    If Power Attack is a basic combat option, why isn't the original Combat Expertise? I'm aware Fighting Defensively exists, but Combat Expertise was basically just Fighting Defensively +1. If you're including one, why not the other?
    Yeah, I thought of this myself, but I felt that Combat Expertise was slightly better as a feat, and that the feats that spring out of Combat Expertise end up being better than the feats that sprang out of Power Attack. Of course, I may be wrong.

    Improved Sunder lets you ignore damage reduction with three fighter levels? As in, all damage reduction, ever? lolwut.
    Meh. It may be a bit much, sure, but a 3rd level Warblade can do the same thing without spending a feat once every other round.

    Weapon Focus ... uh, I feel like I should be able to specialize in a particular weapon without becoming a psychic. Just saying.
    Yeah, I couldn't think of ANYTHING for this though, and then the psychic idea hit me and I ran with it. Mechanically speaking the benefits you gain totally work, but fluff-wise, I agree, it leaves something to be desired.

    EDIT: I added an alternative, less boring, Fighter-only benefit to Far Shot. What do you think?
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