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    - Even other evil gods want to see him stay chained. Lolth in particular has a problem with Elder Elemental Eye cults springing up in Drow settlements.
    - His followers aren't actually going to get a reward if he's freed.
    - The Elder Elemental Eye is actually not closely associated with him, and its cults often pose as benign worshippers of elemental forces. The higher-ups know better, though.
    - The cults of the different aspects of the Elder Elemental Eye are lead by four elemental princes, Imix of Fire, Yan-C-Bin of Air, Olhydra of Water, and Ogremoch of Earth. Though it would seem that they should be working towards the same goal, they appear to have forgotten it, and are as likely to turn on each other as their other enemies.
    - Each cult of elemental evil attracts not only mortal followers, but also powerful entities from their respective elemen, such as Salamanders for fire and Krakens for water.
    - Source: Monster Manual IV, 3.5, Drow of the Underdark, 3.5.
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