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-He's in Complete Divine (3.5) as the only god who provides the Force domain, which in and of itself is interesting. I decided to set up a campaign where [Force] magic and the makeup of the Planes were closely linked, and where Thardizun was imprisoned by other gods using very powerful force magic. The study of force and the planes was highly integral to the plot, and the villain breakdown is Cult of Thardizun vs. Hextor and Mechanus (the workings of which keep big T imprisoned).
Heh, so THAT'S who Mechanus Bot is designed to fight... Now there's a great image. Riding Mechanus Bot to fight Tharizdun.

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From there they deal with a Nightwalker who works on converting the whole village into Bodaks to wrestle the crystal from the PCs and take it to the shadowrealm.
Well, that'd certainly be a nice break from playing a children's card game to resolve all of one's problems.