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    Update 49


    The scarred elf with magic eyes is preparing to lead a caravan out of the Nexus.

    [Charity Evans]

    Edijar spoke to Charity about Sunny, and about her drinking problem, and Charity was stunned to learn that Sunny had been working hard to overcome her agoraphobia. And that Charity hadn't even noticed because she'd been drinking so much.

    She started making an effort to cut back. To fill the hours that alcohol used to occupy, she started going into the slums with food and clothing for the poor. This led to her painting portraits of the dead, and both of these activities have been helping her to heal a little bit.

    Back at school, she spoke to Garrett about his elemental, and after he agreed to get some counselling with Quinn, she told him that Sinosure had caused the accident that injured Edijar. When he seemed hell bent on vengeance, she tried to convince him that violence wasn't the answer.

    Then she taught an art class. Yay!

    [Darcy Turtle Brightember]

    Returned to GLoG with Zanny to check on Nancy and discovered that Nancy was pretty much broken without the Dancer in her mind anymore. But Zanny is trying to heal her with music. Darcy encouraged Nancy to stay at GLoG, and it seems likely that Darcy and Zanny will be staying there for a while too.

    [Decker the Catgirl]

    Changed text colors for clarity, gave Wenomir some advice about the afterlife, and is now being catlike around in the Thanksmas thread with Butler.

    [Elias Larmette]

    Still trying to rescue Hekta, and freaking out.


    Has been handing out holy water and blessed weapons to people who want to fight vampires. Rescued Michalson from HALO after he was captured by Din. Got advice from Reinholdt.

    [Moff 4]

    Is trying to rescue Jack from the NO trap.

    [Moff 13]

    Jumped into a portal after Davlev and is making a pest of himself in Hell.

    [Sunny Evans]

    Sunny found a way to trick her agoraphobia by having a set of power armor made with an air filter, so that she was able to leave the hospital room, but she still has to teleport everywhere from one indoor location to another.

    Has been getting closer to Carl, the halfling from Mortal Coil, and even kissed him on the cheek.


    Tia promised Gabriel that though she couldn't be fully monogamous to him, she would at least not take any more lovers from the Nexus, and only feed from her demon lovers back at Kundalin. This was still very painful to him, but he recognized that she was trying. Since then, the pair have been following each other around acting like a pair of lovesick teenagers and generally making everyone around them .

    [Willow Warwick]

    Hired NOIR to find a cure for her dad, who no longer believes in anything supernatural thanks to Stroffelnburg. Later went to the Thanksmas thread where she asked for poison immunity so she could use her "Poison Ivy" lipstick without passing out herself. Ilphy Claus gave her a spider amulet with poison resistance, as well as a very hot kiss.


    Alone in Jack's tower, with no idea where he is or when he'll return.

    Anyone without an entry is idle and doing stuff offscreen.

    Character list:

    Charity Evans
    Dag Ingasson
    Darcy Turtle Brightember
    Lady Dekaros of the Sixth Circle, Marchesa of War (Decker the Younger)
    Decker the Catgirl
    Elias Larmette
    Dr Ferris Fitzhenry
    George Shackleton
    Hannah Snow
    Moff Four
    Moff Thirteen
    Molly Fitzhenry
    Ostari Elves
    Peter Raven
    Rilayne aka Crazy Aunt Riley
    Sunny Evans
    The Trickster
    Vasilisa and family
    Winslow Warwick and family

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    Nite of Salvation: part one, part two
    Update 48
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