Let's Play Sengoku Gensokyo - Day 67

One territory per day ain't bad, right?

I find it boring to fight Hakugyokurou's mooks, because they're all just indistinguishable ghosts. I like the prismrivers, but they alone just can't carry it. And I'll admit, I'm not a big fan of Youmu. Sorry.


Eirin: Oh my, I didn't expect to meet you here.

Youmu: Given the circumstances, I believe that should be my line.

Ah, don't worry about it too much. How have your eyes been doing?

Ah yes, I believe they are fine now, thanks to you. I can look at the moon in the sky without any problems.

It progressed well, it seems. Do be careful still. The moon's waves drive people insane slowly. Try not to look at the moon too long until you grow a little.

...Um, will a half-ghost like me still grow?

...Not just in body, but in mind as well.

Understood. Thank you very much for your house visit.

Take care of yourself. Now then, since I'm here, I'll take the chance to examine things besides your eyesight.


Finally, Youmu comes out to play.

Her special's not bad at all, as it positions her properly while dealing decent damage without any recoil. It's probably a lot more useful for a few certain fights near the end of the game where distances are often not in your favor, and taking an extra turn to reposition yourself often means you won't live to your next turn anyway. Okay, so only one enemy in this game regularly shuffles positions, but man is it annoying.


Youmu: Lady Yuyuko, I am terribly sorry...Because of my inexperience, I have failed to defend our territory.

Yuyuko: Yes, it was quite inexperienced of you.


The way you are now, even being my bodyguard would be asking too much.


Perhaps I should relieve you of your duties, so you will have the free time to train and become stronger and more helpful.


Oh my, Youmu, are you overcome with happiness at my musings?

It is the exact opposite! Why are you always like this, Lady Yuyuko...

Am I being harsh, you say? Youmu, did you know that tramping on barley makes them grow stronger? See?

Please don't rub my back like that...

I'm laying the foundations for you to get stronger. Alright, now you've become strong.

Everyone would be really strong if it was that easy!

Perhaps, but I believe such a method would be most effective for someone like you.

What do you mean?

Because now you know how much I worry about your matters. So do keep it up, mm? I'll be expecting better things from you from now on.

...Ah...Yes! Thank you very much! I will devote my entire life and being to doing my best for your sake! I'm ready for anything now!

The formerly-dejected Youmu became energetic in an instant, practically flying out of the room after giving a victory sign to her master.

My my...Do remember to come back before dinner~. So even she has been defeated by them...Perhaps it's about time I make my entrance.


Hakugyokurou was so quiet, that you could hear a pin drop. Its master, Yuyuko Saigyouji, was sitting inside one of the rooms, calmly drinking tea.

Yuyuko: A tea stalk floating erect~ leads to a healthy today and tomorrow~ From the ever-desired lady of the white gem, Yuyuko. Mm, a good poem, if I do say so myself...My, there's no more tea. And I've run out of tea cakes as well. Is anyone there~?

Yuyuko clapped her hands as she called out, and a servant ghost of the mansion quickly appeared. It seemed to be trying to bow courteously, but being a ghost, it was hard to tell.

Ah, I've ran out of tea and cakes. Please bring some more here.

Upon receiving Yuyuko's request, the ghost took the empty teacup, opened the sliding screen door, and floated away. The way it worked, one might even call it polite for a ghost.

It's been so hot lately. And if that's the case here, it must be like hell on earth in the world of the living. Which would make this heaven comparatively. The area where the living reside is hell, and the Netherworld where the dead gather is heaven...That's quite a sense of irony.

[i]A satisfied smile played on her lips. The ghost from before then returned with a small Lantern Festival teapot and a box of cakes.

Thank you, you may return now. Ah, please leave the door open as you go.

The ghost heeded Yuyuko's order, bowed several times, and left. It wasn't easy to tell where its head was, but maybe Yuyuko herself actually knew.

Mm, now it's cool. Such a nice wind today. A pleasant coolness along with the warmth of tea flowing through the body...Such supreme luxury...

...It somehow feels like I've done this all before...Is this what one would call "deja vu"? My, I must be careful about my mental health.

No one was around to ask her why she would care about her health when she's dead. She continued to look at the courtyard through the open room silently, with a warm cup of tea in her hands.

Scenery gets even more beautiful after death, and a deceased spirit shines even brighter than when alive...Death is when a spirit sheds its impure clothing. And when a person's life ends, a flower blooms...I wonder what kind of flower bloomed for me? It must surely be something large and dazzlingly beautiful.

Yuyuko's gaze had left the garden, and moved to the splendid Saigyou Ayakashi some distance away from the mansion. Was she aware of its significance to her? If she was, she certainly wasn't telling anyone.

The cherry blossoms next year will surely bloom brilliantly as well. Perhaps the living and the dead can go flower-viewing together...It would be fun. But Youmu will start crying again at the thought of cleaning up...Maybe I will help her out a little this time.

With the barrier gone, even the living could easily visit Hakugyokurou. Yukari constantly delaying the repair of the barrier may well have been a show of kindness to one of her best friends.


???: ...Our regular meeting shall now begin.

???: It certainly doesn't feel like a meeting.

You just need to get in the mood. So what's the situation on the outside?

The Hakurei...The army led by the shrine maiden and the magician have almost conquered all of Gensokyo. At this point, it is just a matter of time.

So no major changes, I see. How about our own preparations?

Our preparations are more or less complete. We can mobilize anytime.

...And about the outside?

As I said, the Hakurei-

That's not what I meant...Uh...You know...

...They have not given any indication of attacking us. We seem to be outside the boundary of their thought.

...I see. *sigh* So I'm the only one making a fuss like an idiot?

At least it will remain peaceful.

Yes, it is peaceful here...But if we stay isolated here for so long, no one will have any memories of us, and it'd be as if we were never there to begin with.

I understand how you feel, but...

......Hm, wait a second...

The figure's head then fell downwards and its hand went to its chin, seemingly deep in thought. After some time, the figure slowly lifted its head again.

...Our side is fully prepared. But they have not even put us into consideraton...This is a great chance to get our reputation back!

Lady ???, that is...

The second figure tried to interject, but the first figure was already completely enthralled by her own plan.

My, you're objecting to it? You don't feel anything about the time you lost to them?


???: Yeaaah, I agree!

The two figures quickly looked at the direction the shout came from, and found three small figures flying at them.

???: Geez, don't shout like that when we're so close!

???: ...Loud.

G-Geez, sorry!

...It really is getting very difficult to figure out who's who.

Huh? Did you say something?

Nope, I didn't. What were you three on about?

Ah, we were eavesdropping on your conversation!

...Idiot. *smack*

Oww! Why did you hit me!?

They made Lady ??? look like a fool, so we've gotta make them pay! We'll show them our true power!

Yeah, yeah! We're all prepared too!


Li'l ???, li'l ???, and even li'l ???...It makes me happy to see you all so willing. You're all such good children.

Yaaay, we were praised~.

It seems you're the only one who doesn't want to do it, li'l ???.

I am not objecting to the possibility. I simply think the timing must be appropriate.

Hm hm...I get it, that does sound like it'll be even more fun. You come up with some really good plans, li'l ???!

Lady ???, what's going on?

Hehehe, it's a secret. Now now, everyone, please prepare yourselves and wait a little longer. The time will come, and it will be so much fun...Ehehehe...


Now, you three should return to your posts.

Okay! Please excuse us!

Let's head on back! C'mon ???, don't get left behind~!


...It must be nice to be young and energetic.

We have to do this for the children as well. We won't let ourselves be forgotten so easily!


Turn: 67
Ouki: 11099
Ryumaku: 113/140
Actions Available: 3

Our Territories:

Hakurei Shrine
Defense: 250/250
Cost to Develop: 27 RES

Night-Blind Road
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Faintly Dark Path
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Entrance
Defense: 180/180
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Border
Defense: 160/160
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Magic Forest Interior
Defense: 210/210
cost to Develop: 9 RES

Road of Reconsideration
Defense: 190/190
Cost to Develop: 30 RES

Defense: 215/215
Cost to Develop: 6 RES

Human Village
Defense: 310/310
Cost to Develop: 36 RES

Garden of the Sun
Defense: 175/175
Cost to Develop: 33 RES

Nameless Hill
Defense: 205/205
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Misty Lake
Defense: 225/225
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

SDM Gate
Defense: 230/230
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

Great Library
Defense: 195/195
Cost to Develop: 21 RES

Clock Tower
Defense: 210/210
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

SDM Top Floor
Defense: 225/225
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Lost Bamboo Forest
Defense: 205/205
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Hidden House
Defense: 195/195
Cost to Develop: 6 RES

Defense: 230/230
Cost to Develop: 12 RES

Blossoms Barrier
Defense: 220/220
Cost to Develop: 9 RES

Hakugyokurou Stairs
Defense: 200/200
Cost to Develop: 6 RES

Enemy Territories:

Army: Hakugyokurou Hades
General: Yuyuko Saigyouji (leader)
Defense: 235/235

Yakumo Residence
Army: Yakumo Clan
General: Yukari Yakumo (leader)
Defense: 310/310

Special Events:

War Declaration: Yakumo Clan
Costs 10 NEG to declare war.

Since we're approaching the end of the game, I've been thinking of ideas to continue this Let's Play beyond the story's conclusion. How about messing around with the game's National Mode? We can even use edited data. That means submitting our own characters that can appear in the game! I'll probably have to write my own random scenarios too. But which army should we go with...

More details to come.