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    This fangirl mob has Human as its basis. It's not particularly exciting, but it is adequate. The Rules regarding Mobs are found in the Dungeon Master's Guide II. Please become familiar with them before critiquing as they do not follow many traditional monster creation rules.

    Mob of Fangirls
    Gigantic Humanoid (mob of Medium Humans)
    Hit Dice: 30d8
    Initiative: +0
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
    Armor Class: 6 (-4 size), Touch 6, Flat-footed 6
    BAB/Grapple: +22/+34
    Attack: Mob 5d6 (bludgeoning)
    Full Attack: Mob 5d6 (bludgeoning)
    Space/Reach: 20 ft./0 ft.
    Special Attacks: Expert Grappler, Glomp, Squee, Trample (2d6)
    Special Qualities: Glorified Object, Mob Anatomy
    Saves: Fort +10, Reflex +17, Will +12
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 11, Con, 10 Int, 10 Wis 10, Cha 10
    Skills: Disguise (Cosplay only) +2, Knowledge (glorified object) +4, Listen +6 Spot +6
    Feats: Alertness, Improved Bullrush (B), Improved Overrun (B), Iron Will
    Environment: Science fiction conventions, anime conventions, livejournal
    Organization: Solitary, pair or gang (3-12 mobs)
    Challenge Rating: 8
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Always Neutral
    Level Adjustment:

    Fangirls are a rabid breed of human females who are obsessed with either a fictional character or an actor. Similar to the breed of fanboy, fangirls congregate at anime conventions and livejournal. They have been known to glomp, grope, and tackle when encountering said obsessions. In large numbers, they can become dangerous.


    A mob deals 5d6 points of bludgeoning damage to any creature who space it occupies at the end of its move, with no attack roll needed. Mob attacks ignore concealment and cover. In order to attack, it moves into an opponent’s space, which provokes an attack of opportunity. It can occupy the same space as a creature, since it tramples over it and moves around its victim. A mob can move through squares occupied by enemies, and vice versa, without impediment, although a mob provokes an attack of opportunity if it does so. A mob can move through openings large enough for its component creatures. See DMG II for further details.

    Expert Grappler (Ex): A mob of fangirls can maintain a grapple without penalty and still make attacks against other targets (normally, attacking other targets while grappling imposes a -20 penalty on grapple checks). A mob of fangirls is never considered flat-footed while grappling.

    Glomp (Ex): A mob of fangirls will try to attach itself to the Glorified Object and render it immobile for as long as possible. A recipient of the Glomp is entangled by the mob and moves at half speed, cannot run or charge and takes a -2 penalty on all attack roles and a -4 penalty to Dexterity. An entangled character who attempts to cast a spell must make a Concentration check (DC 15 + the spell’s level) or lose the spell.

    Glorified Object (Ex): A mob of fangirls is inordinately attracted to things they collectively deem worthy, regardless of whether it is a person or object. The mob obsesses and covets anything regarding the glorified object. A mob has +2 competence bonus to Knowledge relating to its Glorified Object, and to Listen, and Spot checks.

    Mob Anatomy (Ex): A mob of fangirls has no clear front or back and no discernible anatomy, so it is not subject to critical hits or sneak attacks. A mob of fangirls cannot be flanked, tripped, grappled or bull rushed. See additional rules regarding this in DMG II page 60.

    Squee (Ex): This ear-piercing shriek of joy that finding the Glorified Object (or its representative) causes. Once per two rounds, the mob of fangirls may unleash a massive squee whose likes have never been heard before. This deals 1d6 points of Sonic damage in a 30-foot cone. Additionally, if those hit by the squee attack have been hit by the squee before, they are affected as though by a confusion spell, causing them to either babble incoherently or flee as quickly as possible for 1 round.

    Trample (Ex): A mob of fangirls that simply moves over a creature and doesn’t end with its movement with that creature in one of its occupied squares can trample the creature. A trampled creature takes damage equal to 2d6 points +1˝ times the mob’s Strength modifier. The victim can either make an attack of opportunity or make a Reflex save (DC 25 + the mob’s Strength modifier) to take half damage.

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