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    Full Name: Doctor Francis Evan Farcy

    Age: Thirty-five

    Photo: Nope.

    Powers: Super Stubbornness: Can heal from anything except that which would dry him out completely and is resistant to anything that might change him. He won't age, needs more drugs or alcohol than usual to be affected, it's harder to mentally mess him up, he could work out like insane and never gain any muscle, stuff like that.

    Precious Bodily Fluids: If you're messed up in some way, and he touches you with any of his precious bodily fluids, you'll go back to what would be normal for you. If you're not messed up, you get to experience...

    Overheals: Whatever part of you he hits will become like him. I figure that this would mostly just be a painful and exhausting experience with one of your body parts suddenly growing or shrinking, unless you're quite similar to his body type.

    Reason in City: He's a dude with a superpower? Seems as if most people are using this for Profession, as well, and he'd be a doctor.

    Announced Items: Medical supplies, a couple of changes of clothes, pocket recorder; Later Items: More medical supplies, samples of various mutants that he's gotten from work, a super soaker that he's trying to talk himself into filling with his own urine.

    Self Description and other Data: Tall, scarecrow-ish, short black hair, goatee, glasses, usually wears a suit with a hat or just your average doctorin' getup, usually carrying a medical bag, which is filled with a lot of the usual stuff, plus a bunch of vials and syringes filled with various fluids from himself.

    Address #: 12 Highburn Street, Apartment 2B

    Personality: Bitter about losing a fairly awesome, if self-centered, life. Arrogant about being a medical genius. Plenty self-confident and self-contained, except for when it comes to mutants, a subject which is unfortunately quite prevalent, here. He doesn't disagree with the decision to make Metropolis and toss all of the mutants in there. He's just dismayed that he happens to be one of them. He has a large desire for recognition, so he hates that being a mutant has branded him as something beyond the amazing doctor he is.

    He understands objectively that he's better than normal humans, so he wouldn't be trying to change himself, since he figures that he'd never be able to lose the stigma of being a mutant, but he is a large fan of the idea of curing other mutants. He is the sort of person who prefers action to debates, so he has no problem with determinedly performing any controversial actions before talking things through with anyone. He hates explaining things to idiots and would be quite protective with anyone that he'd consider something approaching his level of intelligence or efficiency. Although people skills are not his strong suit (Hmmm... How about a character with a powered armour suit that somehow conveys people skills?), he is all about thoroughness and contingency planning.

    Backstory: Born as well as raised in a rural part of the Southern United States, he quickly displayed his high I. Q. and sped through various schools, with the last few ones probably being some kind of well-known. His family was of the blue collar and proud of it sort, and he was never really very close to them, once he got out on his own. He grew to resent them, when it seemed as if they only wanted to mooch off of his success, and he eventually cut off all ties to them. A relative of his showing up in Metropolis could be interesting.

    Anyways, when he first developed his powers, he got into a lot of trouble via always thinking that it was the same day, until he figured out that he had some kind of amnesia. He started leaving himself notes, and some people helped him out by explaining things to him, until he discovered his healing power, probably via accident. Now, before he goes to bed, he puts a drop of his blood in the glass by his bed, since that's something that he'd routinely and immediately drink. The blood, separated from the rest of him, apparently can restore his memory up to the point at which it was taken from him. He'd probably keep a bunch of vials of blood scattered around with notes to himself, just in case.

    People mostly felt sorry for him, when the amnesia struck, but once they became aware of his healing power, he got dragged to Metropolis. Having lost everything, he went a little mad (He'll show them, show them all!).
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