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I wanted to register, in order to post that I found today's strip very disturbing.

On the surface, Thog turning the blacksmith into his pet "dog" is mildly amusing because it's just another example of Thog's childlike mentality.

But the blacksmith begging for help makes it just way too creepy. Suddenly Thog isn't so charming anymore, because he's dehumanized someone in a way that's a little too reminiscent of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib prison, or the film "Dogville."

And before anyone gets on a high horse defending the strip or the creator, this isn't a request for the creator to withdraw the strip, or change it in any way. I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who felt that today's strip was far more disturbing than funny.
Actually, I take this as a compliment, JD, because that was the effect I was going for. These are the villains of the strip, after all. They are all Evil, with a capital E. Ever since strip #51, where Thog murders an innocent sylph just because she's there, all the while thinking about puppies, he has intentionally straddled the line between "cute" and "horrifically violent". I want people to be unsure if Thog is an innocent who is lead to evil by his buddy Nale, or if he is truly as black-hearted, just dumber.

People tend to look at Thog and think that he's supposed to be good, deep down, because he's kind of dumb and often funny. He is childlike, but he's the kind of child that pulls the wings off of butterflies. But he is one of the bad guys here, so a little ambivelence on whether to like him or not is perfect.

However, if it makes anyone feel better, I was attempting to imply that it was Nale who "gave" Thog his "puppy". It was an easy way to keep the real blacksmith out of the way and keep Thog busy while he enacted his wicked plans. And no one can deny that Nale is thoroughly evil.