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    Default [Party] The Godbane Society

    The Godbane society is a group dedicated to interfereing with the workss for dieties and their agents... Most of the Members have been scorned or come from races that were scorned by either dieties or powerful beings...
    currently in development but heres the list of the
    members and their classes

    Skeebles the Goblin Rouge
    Drywell the Half-Giant Fighter
    Klies Gauntdelv the Vashar Warlock/Ur-Preist
    Clave Fountheilm the Human Psion/Wizard/Cerebremancer
    Vileis Foulsheet the Vashar Hexblade
    stats to come as their compleated

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    Default Re: [Party] The Godbane Society

    Ah, much hatred, so little time.

    I like the name though. What handsome, young, daring, awesome, and modest person thought of it? ;D

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