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    Default [d20r, Race] Human

    Humans are adaptable and persistent creatures, and have surprised many stronger races with their survivability despite insurmountable odds and unwelcoming circumstances.

    Humans speak Common.

    • +2 to one ability score of their choice.
    • Medium size: Humans, being medium, receive no adjustments based on size.
    • Human: Humans are humanoids with the (Human) subtype.
    • Speed: A human's base land speed is 30 feet.
    • Improvisation: A human has a small pool of improvisational ability they may tap into daily. A human has one charge per three class levels, minimum one. A charge may be spent to gain a circumstance bonus on the human's next skill check equal to half their Hit Dice (round down, minimum +1) or to power a feat with the [Human] descriptor.

      A human bard may use the Improvisation ability gained from that class to power this ability and may also use the charges gained from this ability to power his applicable bard abilities. In short, human bards treat their pool of Improvisation from their class features and from their racial features as one pool.
    • Quick Learner: Humans receive a bonus feat at first level. They must meet all the prerequisites as normal for this feat.
    • Automatic Languages: Common, Any One Other. Bonus Languages: Any.
    • Favored Class: Any.
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    Default Re: [d20r, Race] Human

    But...but...what do they look like?

    • I like the adjustable stat mod. It was something great about 4e, and I'm glad you incorporated it. It also covers the missing bonus skill points if you toss it on Int.
    • Size, type and speed are fine.
    • Improvisation looks cool, and I'm guessing there will be racial feats that will give you more options.
    • Quick Learner is fine.

    Good job updating the race. It looks good.
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    Default Re: [d20r, Race] Human

    I believe you meant character level, not class level, since they are two very different things. And since HD for Humans is equal to their character level, you should probably use the same term consistently to avoid confusing people (i.e., Hit Dice OR Character Level, not both). My vote goes to Hit Dice. It's easier to confuse character level with things like class level, spell level, effective character level, caster level, etc. The more variety in the terms, the more concise and easy-to-read the language.

    [/2 cp]

    P.S.: FWIW, I would be interested in working for VP in an editorial capacity. I have a penchant for clarifying and a damn fine eye for detail. Plus, I'm modest.

    EDIT: Apologies if I came off as overly critical. In the future, please assume that if I don't mention something, it's because I like it. I just find that personally, negative criticism tends to help me more.
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    Default Re: [d20r, Race] Human

    I especially like your addition of a second known language
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    Default Re: [d20r, Race] Human

    Quote Originally Posted by WaterTengu View Post
    I especially like your addition of a second known language
    Seconded. Still very malleable, still very humanish. Excellent.

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