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    biggrin I am totally in awe:

    You guys have really made an impact on my life.
    I look forward to every new comic, and this last one made me actually say 'YES!' out loud, drawing attention from the others nearby.

    Very awesome(in the original sense of awe inspiring)
    Really love this story, can't stand to wait for more!
    Hugs and Wicked Kisses

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    Default Re: I am totally in awe:

    Then you'd best bookmark the new website; there aren't going to be any more updates here.
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    Default Re: I am totally in awe:

    oh, there isn't?
    I would be a procrastinator, but I keep putting it off.

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    Default Re: I am totally in awe:

    Quote Originally Posted by the_tick_rules View Post
    oh, there isn't?
    Nope, go to to see the latest developments. You need to use the 'see older entries' option (or something like that) on the bottom left of the home page to see the comics he's been posting since the last one on the OotS website.
    Erfworld is having another Kickstarter to print the next book!

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    Default Re: I am totally in awe:

    They're not really comics, rather some writing with a picture on the bottom. Better character detail than we've seen in the comics, though.
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