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    Default Landfall!; the Halflings

    Discus the Halflings and related concepts here.
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    Default Re: Landfall!; the Halflings

    Right, so, the story behind the halflings is that they were the only group prepared for the flood. Two centuries before it hit, a halfling prophet was born who warned of the incoming flood. He was, unfortunately, ignored by most of the halflings. However, he managed to garner a small, literally cult following who continued his work after his death. They spent the next century and a half building massive rafts covered in buildings and stockpiling food stores.

    When the floods came, they accepted only believers of their prophet onto their rafts. The rest were unworthy and were left to drown. This outlook had spread extensively in the cult, and they not only viewed unbelievers as deserving death, but also all non-halfings. They viewed the flood as a great cleansing, removing impurity from the land.

    Because of these origins, the surviving halfings developed into a strict theocracy. Their flotilla of rafts travels around, trading only when they have to. They have an order of paladins, worshipping their now-divine prophet, and the various religious orders, already hateful of the non-halflings and non-believers, has been infiltrated as of late by a more radical, actually genocidal faction known as the Seaborn Supremacy Society.

    One group of halfling heretics, disgusted with the Supremacy Society, cut their rafts free and escaped into the night. This group, known as the Heirs of Freedom, seek to return to their halfling roots of benevolent and merry nomads, traveling and exploring. They are only loosely affiliated, according to their chaotic nature, unlike the strict heirarchy of the Supremacy Society. Every Heir has a tattoo hidden somewhere on his or her body clearly denoting them as such.

    Am I forgetting anything that we've decided?
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