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    Default Items of the Fey

    Once per day, when the command word is given and this fine ebony comb is dropped to the ground, it transforms into a wall of thorns, as the spell, shaped to the desire of its owner. If the wall is destroyed, the comb immediately reverts back to its normal form and cannot be used again for a week. Otherwise, it reverts back to comb form after an hour and a half or when its owner gives a second command word.

    Moderate Conjuration, CL 9th. Craft Wondrous Item, wall of thorns. Cost 9,000 gp + 720 xp. Price 18,000 gp.

    When the command word is given and this seed is dropped to the ground, it turns into a ten-foot ladder. If the ladder is destroyed, it immediately reverts back to seed form and cannot be used again for 1d3 days. Otherwise, it reverts back to seed form after 5 minutes or when its owner gives a second command word.

    Faint Transmutation, CL 5th. Craft Wondrous Item, wood shape. Cost 35 gp + 3 xp. Price 75 gp.

    Purse of Fickle Justice
    This wallet, used by those who seek to catch thieves in the act, seems to be filled with 20 golden coins when created. However, they are valueless illusions. Any creature that touches a coin must make a DC 11 Will save to realize what it truly is–nothing but a golden leaf. If any creature besides the owner of the purse removes a coin, even if they successfully save, the coin becomes bound to them, impossible to discard or spend unless a remove curse spell or similar magic is cast on them or if the owner of the purse retrieves the coin. The owner of this purse can determine the exact location of all coins within 500 ft. of him as a full-round action. Once all the purse’s coins have been removed, it loses all of its magical properties.

    Moderate Transmutation, CL 9th. Craft Wondrous Item, camouflage*, commune with nature. Cost 1,000 gp + 80 xp. Price 2,000 gp.
    *From Spell Compendium.

    Fairy Ointment
    Any creature that rubs this ointment into its eyes gains the ability to see all things as they truly are, as the true seeing spell, for fifteen minutes.

    Strong Divination, CL 15th. Craft Wondrous Item, true seeing. Cost 2,500 gp + 200 xp. Price 5,000 gp.

    Ironturner Charm
    Whenever a creature wearing this amulet is struck by a cold iron weapon, the weapon is rusted and destroyed. Even if it is magical, it must make a DC 16 Fortitude save or take 2d6 points of damage, which ignores its hardness.

    Moderate Transmutation, CL 7th. Craft Wondrous Item, rusting grasp. Cost 7,500 gp + 600 xp. Price 15,000 gp.
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    Default Re: Items of the Fey

    Violin of the Faerie Queen
    This magic item, in the form of a black-laquered mohogany violin with silver strings, allows any bard who can play it proficiently to cast enchantment spells through it. The bard may cast any enchantment spell he or she knows using the violin. The number of spells cast with the violin are equal to the number of spells the bard can cast each day normally, rounded up. Additionally, the DC to resist any enchantment spell cast with the violin is two higher than it would normally be, reflecting the power of the item.

    Powerful Enchantment, CL 18th. Craft Wondrous Item. Wood shape, ghost sound, contingency, limited wish or shadow evocation. Cost 12,000 gp+1,000 XP. Price 30,000 gp.

    Bell of Faerie Summoning
    This is a tiny silver bell that, upon ringing, will summon a faerie to do the caster's bidding. The summoning method is identical to that of summoning spells.

    Faint Conjuration, CL 7th. Craft Wondrous Item. Summon Nature's Ally I. Cost 75 gp+25 xp. Price 300 gp.
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