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    Default Planescape Races Reworked: Githzerai

    I love Planescape.

    I also hate level adjustments, at least when they're applied to a race I want to play - if I want to play, say, a tiefling, I'd rather give up my stat modifiers or my racial Darkness ability or something then give up a class level. This makes playing a tiefling or a githzerai in a Planescape game sort of a bad option.

    So, anyway, here's my revised githzerai. I'll probably post tieflings, aasimar, and bariaur later.


    Medium-sized humanoids

    Base Speed 30'

    +2 Dex, +2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Githzerai are strong-willed, contemplative, and extremely agile, but tend to be introverted and introspective.

    Innately Psionic: All githzerai have a base pool of 1 power point at character creation, in addition to any they gain from psionic class levels. This allows them to purchase psionic feats.

    60' Darkvision. Besides the fact that no D&D race is worth a damn if it can't see in absolute darkness, the gith were bred to be illithid slaves, which would make the ability to see in the dark pretty important.

    +1 to attack rolls against illithids and illithidkin. +2 to Will saves vs the psionic powers of illithids and illithidkin. Hatred of illithids isn't just a cultural bias for the gith; their psionic nature is a legacy of the ancient revolt against the mind flayers.

    Divine Ineptitude: Githzerai cannot learn or prepare divine spells. They do not receive the spellcasting class features of any divine spellcasting class they take. They can still use spell-completion or spell-trigger items that cast divine spells with the appropriate Use Magic Device check. The githzerai's devotion to the godlike figures of their culture - Gith, Zerthimon, and others - is expressed through personal discipline and contempation, not through divine magic. Devotees of the race's "religion" are psions, psychic warriors, monks, or fighter/wizards. (This was a key element of the race in 2e, that got dropped in the spirit of allowing any race to take any character class. I like it, so I'm keeping it.)

    Favored Class: Fighter. (Favored Class: Monk is useless since you get punished for multiclassing out of monk anyway. Having it as a favored class just encourages dipping for save bonuses and Deflect Arrows. Favored Class: Fighter, however, helps the classic githzerai fighter/mage combination.)

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    Default Re: Planescape Races Reworked: Githzerai

    Not bad.

    But, is this supposed to be a +0 LA? If it is so, it may be a bit on the strong side...

    Maybe if they start with racial hit dice, it will be ok.

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    Default Re: Planescape Races Reworked: Githzerai

    Yep, it's too much, between the stats and the Darkvision and all. Keep either +2 DEX or +2 WIS, and have -2 INT, -2 CHA, and that'll be more balanced.

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