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    Default Life's Little Stories

    Life's Little Stories
    Author: Felyndiira

    Oh noes, a slice-of-life OOTS-styled comic? Such heresy!

    Jokes aside, though, Life's Little Stories is a little experiment that I started to get used to drawing OOTS-styled comics and to learn to write themes/characters effectively in a visual form. The comic doesn't have an overarching storyline, reoccuring characters, or even slapstick humor; instead, it is divided into arcs featuring completely different stories - usually about life and people, but occasionally veering into D&D and other such topics - and is meant entirely to tell the stories of individual characters. It will most likely not contain humor at all.

    In general, Life's Little Stories is a collection of short stories illustrated in OotS style, spanning a variety of topics related to people and real life. Since it's, in the end, an experimental comic, there may be elements that simply do not work out; thus, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism that you guys can give me ^^.

    Comics (there's only one at the moment):

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    Default Re: Life's Little Stories

    I really hope to see this comic grow
    Nice work
    It's BACK!

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    Default Re: Life's Little Stories

    Hmm...seems interesting. I'll watch for updates.

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