this anime is only in it's origonal japanese format, but is subtitled and hillarious!!!
[monolouge] It's essentially about a street bum who joins the military (it's called the UPSF for united planets space force, and yes...we're futuristic here). He applies becaue everything's free, and almost fails the aptitude test. While confusing the computer training program to self destruct, everone thinks that the Ralgon (enemy humanoid alien army) has attacked them when the computer blows up. Now that a war starts, there's no reason for Tylor to take tests for a open war...[/monolouge]
Tylor through sheer stupidity, kindness, and extreme luck gets promoted to a starship captain...and with both the Ralgon superiors and his own trying to kill just have to watch and find out.
okay...i'm done with my speech! *whew*