Outpost 13

Alright, I was originally going to do a comic for this, but see far more possibility with a machnima. The basic story line is that before Dr. Breen went to City 17, he was at City 14. It's mentioned at the beginning of the game. But this tells the story of when one band of rebels tries to kick the Combine out of their city. Here is a trailer I made a little while ago. Keep in mind it was originally
for a comic, so some things may change.


So now that you've seen that keep in mind I've gotten better at making movies since then. You now know that I need help in a lot of things before I start choosing voice actors. I've layed out these basic things we need.

1).Faceposers – Anyone who's experienced with Faceposer, and can do a lot with this, is highly needed.
2).Skinners/Modellers – Obviously, we shouldn't use the default skins unless absolutly necessary. I've got some future characters in mind that will need a custom skin.
3).Website Management – Alright, I'd like us to have a website for us to post episodes/news/congregate
4).Voice Actors/Actresses – I have a couple of people I'd like to use for their voices, but if you can send me a sound file I like more, then I'll try to get you in.


Bill: New to the Outpost, he has trouble adjusting to the ways things are done there. He proves a reliable member of the team, despite his aggravation at Turtle. His goals are to overthrow the Combine Oppressors and turn off the Reproduction Supresser, so he can get “bissay.” He tries to keep the team from being killed, as well as motivate them to fight the Combine.

Amy: Beautiful and a master of style and fashion. She used to work for the Combine, but quit and ran away when they refused to implement her suggestion for new uniforms. To this day, Combine continue to wear grey. She thinks it's her job to “spice up” life at the Outpost. Since she doesn't want to get dirty, she prefers long range fighting.

Daisy: She serves as the Outpost's diplomat. She tries to be the voice of reason in battle. She believes that nothing is solved through violence, and the best way to solve a problem is a good ol' fashioned protest. She generally heals the wounded. Her goals are peace for mankind, and equality.

Arnie: Arnie serves as the tactition for the team. His main priorities are the safety of himself, so he can further “lead the team”. He has little combat expertise, so chooses to lead the team – from the back. He demands people to respect his “authority” even though he technically has none. He hates people of little intelligence, which makes him hypocritical at times.

Turtle: When the Combine were testing how to turn a human's reproductive organs off, they first tested on Turtle. They attempted to shut off the part of his brain that does those things. They ended up turning more than they wanted. So now, Turtle's subconcious guides him to fight the Combine, so he can find a cure. He specializes in.. odd weapons; such as shovels, sticks, parrots, etc. He has difficulty understanding why he fights the Combine, except his subconcious tells him to.

That Guy: A homeless man that occasionly comes to the Outpost, to flirt with Daisy and Amy. Not much is known about this man, except his combat expertise far surpass those of the Outpost.

Doctor Doom: Dr Breen's representitive at City 14, he has gone mad with his absolute authority (next to Breen). His exact doctorate is less than sketchy, but he can be dangerous to mess with. He is well known for creating mad weapons, and his battle “tactics” are all but sane.

Doctor Breen: Rarely seen in City 14. When he is, it is guaranteed that something will happen.

I have other characters in mind, but will not describe them to the public at this point.

For Voice Actors: Tell me which part you'd like to try out for, and I'll send you a line. Record this line using Audacity or something similar, and email it to me.

Alright, now you know what's happening. If you'd like a position, contact me through email, Xfire, AIM, or PM. I'd prefer email though.

Email: digitalsam2005@aol.com
AIM: digitalsam2005@aol.com
Xfire: Sinoda
Skype: xSinoda
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/samadonis

As I said, many positions are needed to fill. Once we have our website with a forum, we can discuss storyline, and possibilities for characters.

Requirements: None yet. Although you should have Xfire. Obviously, you need Faceposer if you're faceposing, and a mike if you're recording.

Once you send me a copy of your work, I'll send you the first script.