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    Default Re: Plan Ansom: Decapitation strike!

    Quote Originally Posted by Slayn82 View Post
    Because, they have a dragon relay sistem, just send Jack to the capital to rest until the next turn.
    As pointed out on Erfworld forums, Jack likely will die before next turn if he doesn't get some sort of at least partial heal...

    Wanda when incapacitated in book 1 by Charlie's archons (right after Ansom went "I accept" on contract when Wanda was about to get him) would croak if not healed according to Maggie.

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    Default Re: Plan Ansom: Decapitation strike!

    Incapacitation seems to happen a lot...
    Can Erfworlders survive down to, say -10 hits, provided they have the regen special, or are stabilized by healomancy before the end of the turn?

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