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    Default Re: [NarutoITP] Character Registry

    Name: 骸栗 (Karakuri, "Husk" - "Japanese Chestnut", but "Karakuri" also means "mechanism" (絡繰り)), or another name of your choice Deceased

    Rank: (Your choice of village)

    Classification: A-Class

    Birthdate: (Your choice)
    Age: (Your choice)
    Height: (Your choice)
    Weight: (Your choice)
    Gender: (Your choice)
    Blood type: (Your choice)
    [B]Affiliation/B]: (Your choice)

    Appearance: (Your choice)

    Personality: (Your choice)

    Bloodline: None

    Notable Jutsu: Ninja puppeteers emphasize finesse and surprise, and so they train their fingers and equip their puppets likewise. Not so for [Karakuri]: he was considered to be a genius of puppets, and out of boredom he made a puppet that emphasized sheer strength and firepower. Because the puppet is so large and well-armored, [Karakuri] has elected to manipulate his puppet from the inside. As a result, he controls an iron giant from the inside, using chakra strings from his fingers to control the arms, strings from his feet to control the legs, and his thumbs to control the waist and hips (bending, twisting, etc).

    The Furious War God Given Form: 毘沙門天 (Bishamonten) Bishamonten takes the form of a great suit of O Yoroi, made entirely of steel and tough wood and colored black and red. It stands, from feet to top of the helmet, approximately fifty feet high (15.2 meters), and carries a katana proportional to it in length (roughly 25 feet long), which it wields with only one hand. Its left gauntlet is a large spiked ball, and the entirely of its body is covered in spikes to discourage hijackers. Since most of Bishamonten's opponents are much smaller than it is, its arms are proportionally longer.

    Bishamonten is so large that Karakuri must carry the puppet disassembled and sealed in 6 scrolls (1 for each limb, 1 for the torso, and 1 for the head), each scroll about a foot in diameter. It is ponderously slow, and, not surprisingly, useless for anything other than head-on assaults, but it can swing its sword and punch with its fist with surprising speed and devastating power.

    Bishamonten's front torso armor and leg armor is extremely tough; it has the protective qualities of a Rashoumon Gate. The rest of it is...more fragile.

    [Karakuri] himself rides Bishamonten inside the upper torso cavity, right where the solar plexus is.

    [If you don't like Bishamonten's fighting style, there's always...]


    The Dancing Form of the Divine Annihilator: 自在天 (Jizaiten) If Bishamonten is designed for close quarters combat, then Jizaiten is designed for ranged combat. It looks very much like Bishamonten, except that it has a black-blue color scheme instead of black-red, stands to be about thirty feet tall (9.1 meters), and cannot bend its very short arms (reducing the number of joints that [Karakuri] will have to devote fingers to). Jizaiten's armaments include...

    • Rapid fire kunai launcher on each arm (1000 shots for each arm)
    • Kunai burst launcher on each arm (fires twelve kunai at once in an expanding cloud, like a buckshot) (80 shots for each arm)
    • Shoulder mounted mortar launchers (30 shots for each mortar)
    • Flamethrowers slung under each arm (60 seconds' worth of fuel for each arm)
    • Knee-mounted explosive tag kunai launcher (30 shots for each knee)
    • High-pressure water cannon mounted on the head (40 seconds' worth of water)

    Jizaiten's build is, overall, thinner and much less heavily armored than Bishamonten, and weighs much less than Bishamonten even when fully loaded. As a result it can move faster, but still not nearly as fast as even a decently trained genin. Its joints are finer and move much more easily for fast tracking, but at a cost of being more vulnerable to damage.

    [Karakuri] rides in Jizaiten's upper torso cavity, like he does for Bishamonten.

    Special Abilities:
    • Expert puppeteer
    • Inhumanly strong fingers
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    Default Re: [NarutoITP] Character Registry

    Name/Rank: Bochi (墓地)
    Classification: B-Class
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 109 lbs
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: AB-
    • Amegakure

    Appearance: Disturbingly thin and tall, with long scraggly hair and beard. His entire figure seems unkempt and filthy...almost decayed.

    Personality: To be determined.

    Bloodline: None.

    Notable Jutsu: Bochi uses a mix of puppetry and a custom jutsu to instill basic, animal-level intelligence into inanimate objects. He prefers to use this ability on humanoid objects, namely skeletons.

    In order to give inanimate objects said rudimentary intelligence, Bochi must keep them connected to himself via chakra threads, not unlike the ones that puppeteers use for their puppets. He has discovered a technique that allows him to split chakra threads; as a result, he can control up to thirty entities.

    Maintaining control over these inanimate objects puts a drain on Bochi. At the maximum number of entities, he has enough chakra to control them for roughly two hours.

    He can improve the physical capabilities of his minions by concentrating more chakra into their intellect, but this limits the number of minions he can control. At best, he can control a single entity of roughly C class ability. Most of his minions use basic taijutsu and weapons, but some can use elemental ninjutsu and even rudimentary genjutsu.

    Ninjutsu: Good.

    Genjutsu: Non existent..

    Taijutsu: Non existent. His speed is also low due to his poor health, but he compensates for it by riding a skeletal horse.

    Special Abilities: None.
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    Default Re: [NarutoITP] Character Registry

    Name/Rank: Ichiyusai Katsu, Jonin
    Class: A-Rank
    Birthdate: August 12th
    Age: Early 20s
    Height: 5' 11''
    Weight: 118 lb
    Gender: Male
    Blood Type: B+
    •Land of Fire
    •Fourth (?) Hokage

    Appearance: Katsu is a somewhat tall man for his age, though not particularly muscular, and possesses a rather average-looking face, save for some rather high cheekbones. He typically wears his dark blonde hair in a scattered fringe over his eyes and ears, and the remainder in a traditional Japanese ponytail down to just under his shoulders. He wears the typical Jonin uniform of Kohona, with the addition of two knife-sheaths underneath the pockets of his flak jacket.

    Personality: Katsu is often (Or at least often seems to be) quiet and reserved, a calm point in the whirling flashes of lightning that his battles usually become, earning him the nickname "Eye of the Storm". Despite his apparent calmness, he is usually the quickest to act among his peers, though not usually enough to be seen as reckless or disobedient. He is also usually very creative and tactical, frequently catching the enemy off guard, scattering them and striking in their weak points in order to reduce their fighting ability and-in many cases-ensure their defeat.

    Bloodline: The Ichiyusai bloodline is known to prominently feature its kekkai genkai in most members, the Seiki Nusumi (Spirit Stealing), the ability to siphon chakra from the opponent to the user for use in jutsu. This ability manifests itself in the form of a glowing mark on both the target and the user's central chakra point. (Somewhere around the solar plexus area) The user mark appears as 受, while the target mark appears as 送.

    Notable Jutsu:

    •Chidori- Katsu is widely known as one of the most skilled practioneers of the Chidori, although still rather inexperienced compared to its creator, and several of its derivative techniques. He often uses this justu on opponents immobilised by Shichu Shibari or Nendo Kaminari in order to overcome the tunnel vision effect the justu creates.
    •Raiton: Nendo Kaminari (Clay Lightning)- The Nendo Kaminari is one of Katsu's own creations, a Raiton technique that creates a sphere of Lightning chakra that can be moulded into a huge ammount of different shapes-even around objects or people. He often either attaches it to himself-creating an effective weapon or armour- or to an opponent, creating a constant electrical shock which lasts for as long as the user can maintain it.
    •Raiton: Shichu Shibari (Four-Pillar Bind)- Another particular favourite of Katsu, he often uses this jutsu in combination with his more uncontrolled or difficult to prepare justu.
    •Fangs of Lightning- Katsu has trained himself to use his two knives in place of the wazikashi-like swords the justu was originally intended for.
    •Lightning Surge
    •Raiton: Jibashi (Electromagnetic Murder)
    •Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)
    •Katon: Endan (Flame Bullet)
    •Katon: Honeka (Flame Flower)

    Ninjustu: The main area of Katsu's training for most of his life, he has been noted for using many of his justu in unique ways, and trains himself in Fire Release as well as Lightning Release, allowing him to negate the weakness of his most commonly used jutsu.

    Genjustu: Katsu is quite skilled in Genjustu, although he is not a frequent user of it, and it often reveals his creative side-in a very unpleasent way for his opponents.

    Taijustu: Katsu's least favoured skill, although it is still quite powerful. He usually does not participate in full-on physical brawling, usually he prefers to strike the opponent's weak points, subjecting them to extreme pain and disorentation-even without the application of justu.

    Special Abilities:
    •As before, the Seiki Nusumi.
    •Twin Blades- Katsu is skilled in using his twin knives in conjunction with some of his Ninjustu and Taijustu techniques, to deadly effect. What did you think those sheaths were for?
    •Eagle Summoning: Katsu has the ability to summon Eagles, and naturally admires the birds. Eagles are usually proud and self-glorifying, though never unwilling to do the dirty work-they just dress it up. Katsu's summons average at about 4.5 metres in wingspan, though other summons could range from anywhere between 2 metres and up to 10 metres. They are usually fast attack summons, and most are adept with Lightning Release.
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    Default Re: [NarutoITP] Character Registry

    '...So you're the enemy? Great! I've always wanted to meet ninja like you!

    Name/Rank: Yoshida, Kaze (Last, First) Genin?
    Classification: D
    Birthdate: Feb 13
    Age: 14
    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 68lbs
    Gender: Male
    Blood type: -A

    * Konohagakure
    * Land of Fire

    Appearance: This young man is small and wirey, he has jet black hair that sits on the top of his head and, which is messy and unkept. His face is rather plain looking, he looks sickly ill. His face is often held in a frown of thoughtfulness or an absentminded smile as if reminiscing on memories passed. He where's all black, his short's are three quarter lengths matted with pockets packed with bandages and his shirt is loose fitting riddled with holes and scratches. His jacket is old and worn out blackened scorched leather. On his left shoulder he has his headband and his right shoulder he has half of a fractured ambu mask, written upon it in caligraphy is 'Never Forget :)' He wears flat soled deck shoes which squeak as he runs.

    Personality: Kaze is smart loyal and brave. He may not be all these things in the stereotypical way, he is smart because he thinks outside the box all the time, loyal, because he knows no other bonds of friendship and brave because he aspires to be like his late brother. Kaze is rather detatched from most people and finds it hard to comunicate how he feels, he always speaks with his emotions in mind, but some people find this alienating and unproffessional. He will try and be anyone's friend, even his enemies on the field, Kaze sees life as a precious thing, he beleives is sad to see a life ended so short.

    Weapon: Kaze wields the Kasurai gama, a chain ended with a bladed kama. His older brother taught him all he knew about the Kasurai Gama. He uses this weapon to display his skill with his weapon and it's more of a sentiment than a practicality when wielding this weapon

    Equipment: Kaze has 3 shuriken, one Kunai (specially designed for making inscisions like a scalpel) and he carries 8 bandages with him.

    Character Background:
    Kaze lived with his brother, Khazen a gifted and skilled ninja who did a great many reconaisance missions on behalf of the hidden leaf, he was an ANBU member and a skilled one at that. However when an assassination attempt on a shogun failed, Khazen was wounded fatally and he was unable to recover 100%. Khazen's condition grew worse over the course of 2 years. When Kaze realised the gravity of his brother's condition, he imeadiately tried learning healing Jutsu to save his brother's ailment. He started working day and night to master the techniques of healing jutsus. However, to no avail Kaze's Brother died in hospital. Kaze promised himself that he will stop needless death and make his brother proud that he could one day save a life. He wishes to make up for the penance of failing his dying brother, despite this sad past, Kaze is always high-spirited.

    Bloodline: Decended from a line of ninja, with great chakra control! (will modify as to how and what)

    Notable Jutsu:

    Healing Hands: This is a basic healing Jutsu, channelling chakra through the fingertips to releive cuts bruises and small burns.

    Poison Injection Jutsu: Kaze swings his blade in such a way he is able to channel his chakra into the strike, when he does so, the poison travels into the wound at a faster pace than a normal poison bladed attack would do. This is attack is learned by watching snakes bite their victims.

    Thousand Years of pain: A dual finger attack, thrusting with extreme speed and accuracy, Kaze often chooses this to hit his target to cause accute short term pain in pressure points (non-lethal)

    Taijustu: Kaze excells in Taijutsu, knowing the anatomy of the body helps him strike places, where some people would not see as particularly vulnerable spots, he aims for vital organs and strikes pressure points to inflict accute short term pain, he often fights with his hands.
    With his Kasurai Gama he uses a few techniques more for show to intimidate his enemies as opposed to actually hitting his target, he will often miss his target on purpose, catching hair or tearing clothing. He feels guilt if he draws blood.

    Ninjustu: Kaze knows a great deal of healling and medical Ninjutsu mainly focusing upon closing wounds and removing harmful poisons. His is also Adept with fire, wind and poison jutsu. however, he chooses not to hone his offensive Ninjutsu, he perceives them as a waste of time.

    Genjustu: Kaze like's Genjutsu as he like's to dramatise situations he is familiar again in illusion form, he will only use genjutsu to explain a situation which he can't do with words. He uses it very little in combat, mainly used as distractions or flashes. All his illusions are weak at best.

    Chakra Controll: Kaze is if anything a master of chakra control, he has always found it easy to manipulate chakra, even manipulating chakra in others, to speed up the process of healing skin tissue.

    Special Abilities:

    Poison Jutsu
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