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    Default Looking for Eberron adventures

    First of all: I am looking for 3.5 adventures, because I'm not familiar with 4ed or any other stuff, converting them would be a pain.

    So, I am looking for some adventure in Eberron. Specifically some that involve the Inspired (or Quori, or Dreaming Dark... I think you get the idea). Normally I'd ask my brother about some nice adventures, but he never did one that involved the Inspired. And somehow the wizards-page is a real pain, if you are looking for some published 3.5-material...

    Thus I'm asking you to help me. Anything you suggest is helpful

    Doesn't matter where it's from. Published, Dungeon/Dragon Magazine or other source, I will look into it.
    And it doesn't matter what it is. A single adventure, a adventure path, just an adventure hook, or simply an adventure idea... I'm happy with anything, as long as it is a "good" or fun adventure...

    Mainly I'm looking for some inspiration for a future adventure path, maybe even something that I can use for foreshadowing purposes.

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    Default Re: Looking for Eberron adventures

    Not an adventure path in itself, but Secrets of Sarlonna is a nice book. Gives lots of information about Reidra and the Inspired and some more information on the Quori.

    I ran an all psionic campaign where the players were playing Empty Vessels (the specially bred creatures that the Quori possess).

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    Default Re: Looking for Eberron adventures

    Here's a handy collection of every Doc Savage ever printed.

    Just keep hitting refresh, watch the right side of the screen, steal shamelessly from one of the random blurbs.

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