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    Default mp3 player software nerdery

    so currently i use a combination of Winamp and Itunes for my mp3 playing needs... however!!! What i really need is an mp3 player that will display the current BPM of the song being played

    if anyone could recommend any FREE software that can do this that would be rad (and by free i mean free, not free-but-full-of-adware... i have winamp for that)

    also - if on top of that, the software can also alter the pitch of a song that would be even better.

    If theres any applications for winamp that will let me do it, then that would certainly merit consideration
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    Default Re: mp3 player software nerdery

    I found a BPM plugin for winamp.

    I've used Audacity for sound editing before. I'd be shocked if it can't do pitch.
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