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    Default Comic Book Suggestions

    Hey all,

    I am looking for some advice. I have been out of the comic book reading scene for awhile (an avid webcomic reader though) and am wondering if any one has some suggestions for some current series that are any good, or some classics that I may have missed. I have mostly read some smaller comics in the past (Red Star, Scurvy Dogs) but have read some more popular as well (x-men, spiderman, sandman). Any tips would be greatley appreciated. Thanks all.

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    Default Re: Comic Book Suggestions

    buy the OotS books

    Or Nodwick
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    Default Re: Comic Book Suggestions

    I highly recommend Transmetropolitan (not for the young 'uns, though). It's about a Hunter S. Thompson sort of reporter, but set in the semi-near future.

    The series has been over for awhile, but it is available in trade paperback.
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    Default Comic Book Suggestions

    Please check the link in my sig. We'll be one whole year in production next month. ;D

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